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The center’s policy-relevant research publications provide analyses on current policy issues and public leadership topics using an intersectional, anti-racist approach.  

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Estimating the Impacts of Legislation to Expand Affordable Quality Child Care and Early Education in Massachusetts: Initial Findings on Utilization, Employment, and Financial Assistance

The UMass Boston Early Education CUSP (Cost and Usage Simulator Project) is led by the Institute for Early Education Leadership and Innovation and the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy. A multidisciplinary team that includes Center Director Dr. Nsiah-Jefferson and Research & Policy Director Dr. Kelleher designed a simulator and uses it to produce current, relevant, accurate, and responsive estimates about the key impacts of proposed legislation to expand access to affordable, quality child care and early education.

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A New Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Role for the Town of Acton: Final Report

Early in 2022, UMass Boston’s Edward J. Collins Center for Public Management and Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy jointly launched a study to help guide the implementation of a new diversity, equity, and inclusion position for the town of Acton, Massachusetts. The final report, released in June 2022, offered major findings and recommendations to inform the development and hiring of the new role and help ensure the role’s effectiveness and success.

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