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Access to all linux-based HPC resources is via secure shell ('ssh').  In addition, if you are connecting from off-campus, you will need to connect to the VPN first. There are a variety of ssh clients available for most operating systems.  


On Linux systems, you should be able to open a terminal and ssh directly to the machine of choice.  So, to connect to the gibbs HPCC, you could:

joeuser@mycomputer:~$ ssh's password: 
Last login: Mon Oct 28 13:55:59 2013 from

If you want to run X11 (GUI) applications remotely, you should include the -X command line option to ssh:

joeuser@mycomputer:~$ ssh -X's password:
Last login: Mon Oct 28 13:55:59 2013 from

Mac OS X

On OS X, the procedure is similar to that for linux.  First open a terminal window, then use the command line to ssh to the remote machine as above.  



On a windows machine, we recommend that users consider installing Cygwin/X, particularly if you plan to use X11 applications on the remote system. Cygwin/X emulates a unix environment on your windows machine.  Once that is installed, you can open a terminal window and ssh as above.  Another popular client is PuTTy.  

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