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Access to all linux-based HPC resources is via secure shell ('ssh').  In addition, if you are connecting from off-campus, you will need to connect to the VPN first. There are a variety of ssh clients available for most operating systems.  


On Linux systems, open a terminal and ssh directly to the machine of choice.  So, to connect to the  chimera HPCC, you could:

first.last@mycomputer:~$ ssh's password:

If you want to run X11 (GUI) applications remotely, you should include the -X command line option to ssh:

first.last@mycomputer:~$ ssh -X's password:

Mac OS X

On OS X, the procedure is similar to that for linux.  First open a terminal window, then use the command line to ssh to the remote machine as above.  


On a windows machine, we recommend that users consider installing Git Bash particularly if you plan to use X11 applications on the remote system.  Another popular client is PuTTy.  

Once you have Git Bash installed, you can use it to ssh to chimera as for the linux system above.

Visit the Install Instructions page for more information.


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