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Graduation Process

Apply for Graduation

  • Select a graduation date in WISER before the filing deadline.

Degree Review

  • After the filing deadline, your record will be reviewed by your department.

Degree Conferral

  • Beginning on the conferral date, the Graduation Team manually reviews all records.
  • You will get an email when we are done.


  • Diplomas are ordered after the review is done.
  • They are mailed to the diploma address on file in WISER.
  • Tracking is not available

Degree Review

After the filing deadline has passed, your record will be sent to your department(s) for initial review. Your Department Chair or Graduate Program Director should contact you if there are any missing requirements. The first business day on or after your degree date (May 31, August 31, or December 31) begins the Graduation team review. This review is a manual process and can take up to three weeks to review records, contact departments for missing information, and award the degree. After the Graduation team finalizes their review students will be notified of their graduation status by email and diplomas will be ordered.

Degree Conferral

Degrees are conferred by the University of Massachusetts Boston three times annually as follows:

Degree Completion Term

Degree Conferral Date

Fall December 31
Spring May 31
Summer August 31

Degrees will be recorded on the official transcript by the Graduation Team within three weeks of the degree conferral date.


Paper diplomas are mailed via USPS Ground Shipping to the diploma/mailing address listed in WISER as of your degree date; tracking information is not available. You can expect to receive your paper diploma according to the schedule below.

Degree Date

Diplomas Ordered U.S. Delivery International Delivery
December 31 Late January Mid-February  Late March
May 31 Late June Mid-July Late August
August 31 Late September Mid-October Late November 

If your diploma is lost or damaged, contact the Graduation Team 

  • Undergraduate Students:
  • Graduate Students:

Graduation FAQ's

University Obligations

If you have any unresolved financial obligations such as library fees, student loan exit interviews, bills at the Business Office or residence hall damage, diplomas and transcripts will be held until the obligation is resolved. Take care to resolve these matters prior to the end of final exams.

Academic Honors (Latin Honors – Undergraduate Students Only)

Latin Honors are calculated during the final review after all requirements are met and thus are not available for the commencement ceremony or program. Latin Honors will reflect on your official transcript and diploma. Latin Honors are based on your final cumulative GPA:

  • Summa Cum Laude: 3.75 and above
  • Magna Cum Laude:  3.50 – 3.74
  • Cum Laude: 3.30 – 3.49

Special Note on Multiple Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate students may declare multiple majors during the pursuit of a single degree. Your diploma will reflect the highest level of your degree: either a Bachelor of Science or Arts, with all majors listed.

Special Note on Accelerated Bachelor’s/Masters Programs (5-Year Plans)

AMP students are awarded 2 degrees. Each degree must be applied for separately as the requirements are completed. More details about applying to graduate and participating in commencement

Special Note on Certificate Programs

Post-Master’s Graduate Certificates and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study are degree programs, and must pay the Graduation Processing Fee, receive a printed diploma, and are given the option to attend the ceremony.

Other undergraduate and graduate certificates will be awarded by the Graduation Team for notation on your transcript. Each certificate program individually handles the distribution of physical certificates. Please contact your program directly for details

Inactive Students (not currently enrolled in classes or on Program Fee)

Undergraduate Students should email the Graduation Team at with your full name at time of attendance and your student ID number (or date of birth) to discuss your graduation options.

Graduate Students:  All graduate students must maintain active status. If you are not an active student, please email the Graduation Team at with your full name at time of attendance and your student ID number (or date of birth) to inquire about readmission.

Walking in Commencement

Only students who graduated in December or are applied for the May or August graduation dates may participate in the commencement ceremonies.

Students applied for the August degree date who need to register for classes or complete internships in the Fall must re-file for a new graduation date and will participate in commencement the following May.

Inviting Family to Commencement

Because the purpose of a tourist visa does not directly involve UMass Boston visa sponsorship, the letter you need does not come from UMass Boston. You need to provide your family and friends with a Letter of Invitation written by you. With your invitation letter, you should also supply the Applicant with an Enrollment Verification, a copy of your transcripts, or a Graduation Letter.

Graduation Photos and Class Rings

External vendors handle the photos and rings. Information about those are on the commencement website.

Degree/Diploma Name

The name printed on the diploma will be your primary/legal name as listed in WISER.

Any changes to your primary/legal name must be made before your graduation date.

Students can add a degree/diploma name in WISER however, the first and last name must match your primary/legal name.

For example, you can edit your degree/diploma name in the following ways (with or without the “Jr.”)

Legal name: Bobby Beckett Beacon, Jr.

  • Bobby B. Beacon
  • Bobby Beacon
  • B. Beckett Beacon
  • B. B. Beacon

To add/edit a degree/diploma name in WISER navigate to Personal Information > Names > Add a new name

Registrar Graduation

Undergraduate Graduation

Graduate Graduation


Campus Center, 4th Floor
UMass Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125

Phone:  617.287.6200
Fax: 617.287.6242