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uAchieve: Degree Audit, Planner, ScheduleBuilder

uAcheive is a suite of online academic planning and registration tools consisting of the Degree Audit, Planner, and ScheduleBuilder. uAchieve is accessible by clicking the “Boston Degree Audit” link in WISER.

Request Undergraduate Degree Audit

Expand each section below for more information on the components of uAchieve.

Degree Audit

The degree audit report helps you plan and track your progress toward your degree. Degree Audit connects with the information in WISER to keep track of university, general education, and major/minor requirements.

A degree audit can be run for your currently declared program(s) of study or you can run a “what-if" audit to preview your progress toward other programs offered at the University. Although the degree audit is not part of your official UMass Boston academic record (your transcript serves this purpose), it is used by advisors and the Registrar’s staff to monitor your coursework and confirm completion of degree requirements.

When you first access uAchieve, you will be prompted to run a new degree audit. A new audit report should be run each time you wish to check your record to ensure you are seeing the most up-to-date information.

Assistance in navigating and understanding your degree audit report is available through the ‘Help’ link in uAchieve.

If you have additional questions or believe there are errors on your degree audit, you should contact your advisor immediately.

Your access to degree audits ends upon completion of your undergraduate degree. If you need a record of your coursework after graduation, a transcript can be requested.


Planner is an interactive way to help you map out your degree progress semester by semester.

Once you are in uAchieve, you will see a ‘Plans’ item in the menu bar. This will take you to an area where you can create one or more customizable plan of your course work. Majors and minors have pre-built roadmaps designed with input from academic departments to help guide your path toward graduation and ensure you are meeting necessary course sequences and requisites.

Planner connects to your degree audit to ensure you are meeting program requirements with the courses you choose and integrates your in-progress and completed coursework to help you stay on track.

You can also easily transfer the courses you chose for a semester to ScheduleBuilder.

Assistance in navigating and understanding Planner is available through the ‘Help’ link in uAchieve. If you have questions regarding planning your course path, you should contact your academic advisor as soon as possible.


ScheduleBuilder is a dynamic scheduling platform that helps you plan your academic term. You can build class schedules manually or let the program’s powerful algorithm automatically generate combinations based on preferences. The platform allows you to connect with friends to share schedules and take them on the go with calendar exporting.

Once you are in uAchieve, you will see a ‘Schedules’ item in the menu bar. This will take you to an area where you can choose the courses you would like to take for a specific term and set preferences for generating schedules.

ScheduleBuilder displays pre- and corequisite courses and allows you to select time preferences, instructor preferences, view classes friends are taking, as well as dozens of other factors to help make the best schedule possible based on thousands of course offerings. A live connection to the course data means you can view up to date seat availability and wait lists.

ScheduleBuilder also integrates with Planner by allowing you to send the courses you have planned for a given term to the class list in ScheduleBuilder in one easy step.

You can create multiple schedules and export the primary schedule to your WISER shopping cart. You can also share your selected classes with friends and view what sections and courses your friends are choosing. Advisors are only able to view schedules that you have generated and saved.

Assistance in navigating and understanding ScheduleBuilder is available through the ‘Help’ link in uAchieve

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