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College of Science & Mathematics

Explore the Frontiers of Science & Mathematics

At UMass Boston, innovation and discovery drive our academic community. Aspiring scientists, mathematicians, and problem-solvers come together here to explore the frontiers of knowledge and make a real-world impact.

Why Choose the College of Science & Mathematics?

Our college embraces a multidisciplinary approach, allowing you to explore the intersections between different scientific fields. Gain a well-rounded education that equips you with a diverse skill set and prepares you to tackle complex real-world challenges.

Located in the thriving city of Boston, we have strong ties to industries and organizations that offer exciting career prospects. Benefit from internship opportunities, networking events, and collaborations that will propel you towards a successful and rewarding career in science and mathematics.

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Diverse Programs for Enriching Careers

Choose from a rich array of programs spanning the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, and more. Our rigorous curriculum is designed to cultivate critical thinking, analytical skills, and scientific reasoning, preparing you for exciting careers and graduate studies.

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Supportive Community and Resources

As a student in the College of Science and Mathematics, you'll have access to a supportive community of like-minded peers and a range of resources to enhance your learning journey. Our faculty provide mentorship, guide you through research projects, and offer valuable career advice.

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Cutting-Edge Research & Expert Faculty

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment with state-of-the-art laboratories, research opportunities, and distinguished faculty who are leading experts in their fields. Our faculty are not only dedicated teachers but also active researchers, contributing to groundbreaking discovery.