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Charrette at first Sustainable Solutions Lab Symposium on Social Equity and Climate Change

The challenge: As Boston and communities throughout the world face the urgent need to strengthen their resiliency to the effects of climate, they cannot overlook the challenge of socioeconomic inequity. Many of the neighborhoods most threatened by changing climate are also the most economically challenged and socially marginalized. What will make cities truly resilient is not buildings and barriers, but empowered citizens in vibrant and equitable economies.

SSL’s mission is to work as an engine of research and action to ensure that all citizens of Greater Boston, and cities across the world, are prepared equitably for the impacts of climate change, by:

  • Identifying, developing and testing new strategies and best practices locally and globally
  • And convening and activating a network of diverse, committed, action-oriented leaders

SSL leverages Greater Boston and the East Coast region as a “test bed” for the development, testing, and implementation of climate solutions that are environmentally sound, economically sustainable, and socially just.

Meet our Leadership Team and Coordinating Council

SSL is governed by deans and center heads from four UMass Boston schools.
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