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Sustainable Solutions Lab

Pursuing Climate Justice

The Sustainable Solutions Lab  (SSL ) at UMass Boston is a collaborative research and action institute focused on keeping historically excluded people and communities safe and healthy in the face of climate change. 

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About Us

Who We Are

We are a groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary initiative based in the provost's office.

What We Do

Advance Climate Justice Research
  • Several research projects are in the pipeline looking at a wide range of communities and disparate climate change impacts.
Build a Research Community
  • SSL is working to re-write the narrative of what "counts" as climate research and is actively connecting with social scientists and scholars who focus on racial justice and who did not previously see their work as intersecting with the climate crisis.
Influence Local Climate Resilience
  • SSL’s events consistently bring together adaptation professionals, cutting edge research and stories from the frontlines of the climate crisis. Through our research, policy briefings and strategic initiatives, we collaborate with others to move toward equitable adaptation.
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Sustainable Solutions Lab