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About Us

Welcome to the UCaN Lab! As our world becomes increasingly connected, there is a growing need to have ubiquitous wireless access - essentially, the ability to connect any devices, wherever they are and whenever they need to be connected. Our team is working on novel techniques and technologies to drive the future wireless ecosystem towards this goal! 

The Team

UCaN Lab is led by Professor Michael Rahaim from the Engineering Department at UMass Boston. Over the past few years, our team has included multiple undergraduate students from the UMB Engineering Department and both graduate and undergraduate students the UMB Computer Science Department. We strongly value undergraduate research opportunities and are always searching for students who are looking for research experience! We also have numerous collaborations with students and faculty from other labs at UMB and from other Universities.

To learn more about individual team members, check out our Research Team page!

The Place

We were established in 2017 and originally housed in the Science Center; but we recently moved to an awesome new location in McCormack. Check out our new space:


The Research

These are a few of the current research areas that we are involved in:

  • Coexisting Radio and Optical Wireless Deployments (CROWD Networks)
  • Motion Tracking and Mobility Analysis in Dense Networks
  • Context Aware Wireless Networks
  • Dynamic / Adaptive Wireless Networks
  • Software Defined Radio Testbeds
  • Visible Light Communications and LiFi 
  • Visible Light Positioning

The Ubiquitous Communications and Networking Lab (UCaN Lab)

100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125