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Active Research Projects

Our projects are aimed at improving the performance and availability of wireless networks to accommodate the continually increasing demand. Select the links below to find out more about the specific projects in these areas!

CROWD Networks

In this project, we analyze CROWD Networks in the context of 5G. The majority of wireless capacity gains have come from cell densification. In CROWD networks, we envision a continuation of this trend with the deployment of ultra dense optical wireless small cells that coexist with conventional RF small cells. This work focuses on deployment strategies - including provisioning and implementation - as well as handover and allocation techniques for dynamic multi-cell/multi-user indoor environments.

Device Characterization and Mobility Analysis

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Optical Wireless Communications

Visible Light Communications (VLC)

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Indoor Free Space Optics (FSO)

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Software Defined VLC

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Interference Analysis

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Channel Modeling and Simulation

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Senior Design Projects

UCaN Lab has worked with multiple senior design teams as a client for their capston projects.

  • Humza Ali, Nasser Alshammari, Davidson Andrade, Dhimitri Foto, and Myles Toole, "SDR Testbed for Ultra-Dense Wireless Networks" 2021/22 [poster]
  • Hussam Aboutahoun, Victor Chu, Sharareh Rezaeiboroujerdi, Ilyas Saheb, and Evan Urban, "Steerable Mult-Color SDVLC Transmitter" 2021/22 [poster]
  • John Carlo Laude, Kun Cai, and Haining (Olivia) Gao, "Testbed System for Ultra-Dense WiFi Architectures," 2020/21 [poster]
  • Rex Li and Jiali Li, "A Heterogeneous VLC/RF Relay Network Testbed for High Area Spectral Efficiency in Future Wireless Networks," 2019/20 [poster]
  • Abdel Nassib, Ibrahim Abuterkia, and Triet Vo, "Orientation and WiFi Packet Collection Device on Raspberry Pi with Autonomous Amazon Cloud Storage," 2019/20 [poster]
  • Jason Nguyen, Thomas Manning, and Tyrell Hocker, "Visible LIght Communication System and Open Source Toolkit for Optical Communication," 2018/19 [poster]

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