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Services Offered

Academic & Personal Wellness Workshops
UMB-UR-BEST conducts academic and personal wellness workshops in classrooms, at the request of faculty and instructors, and to various groups and programs around campus. These workshops are usually 50-minutes in length (but can be adjusted as needed) and aim to provide opportunities for students to learn various academic and other wellness and life skills. Some examples of workshops offered include: stress management and self-care, time management, procrastination, mindfulness, exploring social identities, self-compassion, and asking for help. See the Workshop Offerings page for more information.

Academic, Health, and Wellness Coaching
Coaching as implemented by UMB-UR-BEST is a one-on-one collaboration between a UMB student and an advanced Clinical Psychology doctoral student, supervised by a licensed psychologist. Our coaching is time-limited and aims to support students holistically in terms of their socioemotional and academic experience at UMass Boston. Coaches and students work together to address specific goals including, but not limited to improving time management, addressing anxiety in the classroom or in different interpersonal situations, more effectively managing challenges associated with ADHD, developing academic skills aligned with their unique cognitive abilities, strengthening executive functioning skills and abilities, and finding culturally congruent ways to meet conflicting expectations.

Note: Currently, UMB-UR-BEST only accepts coaching referrals through the UMass Counseling Center and the Ross Center. Please inquire with either of these departments if you think coaching might be helpful for you or a student you know.

Collaborative Offerings & Consultation
UMB-UR-BEST aims to support departments, programs, and offices who have mental-health and wellness related concerns for their students. After meeting, we may provide recommendations, resources, or begin a collaboration to assist your department more formally, via coaching, workshops, or other services. We also accept referrals from the Counseling Center and Ross Center for both coaching and assessments. 

Over the years UMB-UR-BEST has collaborated with or provided consultation to several University departments and offices including:

Academic Advising
Asian American Student Support Program (AASSP)
Beacon Voyages

Black Student Center
Center of Excellence for Veterans

Coaching Collaborative

Counseling Center Groups

Navitas Global Student Success Program
Latinx Task Force
MAP Achievement Program 
Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Office of Urban and Off-Campus Support Services (UACCESS)

Ross Center for Disability Services
School of Nursing
Student Immigrant Alliance

Targeted Neuropsychological Assessments
We provide targeted neuropsychological assessments to UMB undergraduate and graduate students that help them to identify barriers and strengths to succeeding in an academic setting. Assessments cover a wide range of cognitive and psychological abilities and skills, and clinicians provide comprehensive, integrative reports with recommendations. Our clinicians provide culturally sensitive and evidence-based assessment, and all assessments are conducted by advanced Clinical Psychology doctoral students who are supervised by a licensed psychologist. These services are provided free to the campus community.

Note: Currently, UMB-UR-BEST only accepts assessment referrals through the UMass Counseling Center and the Ross Center. Please inquire with either of these departments if you think an assessment might be helpful for you or a student you know.


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