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Biology Minor

Broaden Your Understanding of Biology & Life Sciences.

UMass Boston's Biology Minor teaches you about the fundamentals of life sciences, exploring topics from cellular biology to environmental studies. Through elective courses, you have the option to focus on a specific area or topic, including anatomy, evolution, genetics, marine biology, and more. You’ll gain valuable insights and critical thinking skills to apply to future jobs. 

Students who complete this program are well-prepared for a wide range of career opportunities, from research and education to medicine, biotechnology, and environmental conservation.

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How to Apply/Declare

Current Undergraduate Students: Declare or change your minor by completing an Undergraduate Program Add/Change form.

Prospective Undergraduate Students: Apply for admission to UMass Boston by completing an application. Start by reviewing the first-year and transfer application pages for important information about requirements, deadlines, and application status checks. Use the links below to apply: 

Apply as a First-Year Student

Apply as a Transfer Student


General Biology Courses (8 Credits)

  • BIOL 111 - General Biology I 4 Credit(s)
  • BIOL 112 - General Biology II 4 Credit(s)

Biology Electives (12 Credits)

Complete four BIOL courses at the 200-level or higher with or without associated labs. A minimum of two courses must be at the 300-level or higher.

Completion Requirements

Complete a minimum of 20 credits from six courses, including two general biology courses and four biology electives.

Pass/fail: No more than one course taken pass/fail may be applied toward the minor provided all six minor courses are completed at UMass Boston.
Residency: At least three courses for the minor, including one at the 300-level or higher, must be completed at UMass Boston.


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