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Database Technology Certificate

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Pursue systematic training in database application development and administration.

The Graduate Certificate Program in Database Technology provides students with a systematic education in databases, stressing database application development, and database administration skills.

The decision to institute this program was made upon our assessment of a strong need for database training. From application development to database administration, there are many positions available in the industry a student may choose to pursue. There is also the need for professionals with formal training in contemporary tools; the database program offers such individuals an opportunity to strengthen this knowledge base.

Proficiency in programming will be expected. The entire program is offered in the extended day, so the students can attend while holding a full-time position in industry.

The certificate requires 12 credit hours (4 courses). The basic training consists of a sequence of three courses: CS630 (Database Management Systems), CS615 (User Interface Design), and CS634 (Architecture of Database Systems). These courses provide a thorough introduction to relational and object-relational databases, SQL, indexing, concurrency and recovery, and design of user interfaces for database applications. The students select one advanced elective (CS636 or CS637) depending on their specific interests.