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An environmental certificate that incorporates civic engagement and responsibility.

Learn to understand and analyze environmental issues with an emphasis on the foundational principles of biology. The target audience for the Environmental Biology Certificate is students majoring in Biology that are not eligible to have a minor in their degree.

It should be noted that it is possible that Biology Majors pursuing the certificate would only have to take ENVSTY 101 and ENVSTY 401 to fulfill the certificate due to CSM allowing all 100 and 200 courses and one 300 level course to double count. In other words, if a Biology Major chose one of the 300 level courses listed below for their major electives, they would only need ENVSTY 101 and 401 to get an Environmental Biology certificate. Students are encouraged to pursue independent research opportunities in Biology, but it is not a requirement Students outside of CSM will likely have to take the established pre-requisite course for the biology courses.