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Environmental Science Minor

Develop Multi-Disciplinary Skills to Prepare for a Career in Environmental Science.

UMass Boston’s Environmental Science Minor program offers a multi-disciplinary approach to prepare the next generation of scientists and innovators. A minor in environmental science complements knowledge gained in the sciences but also adds depth to any degree. Environmental issues impact every activity and touch on every discipline.

In this program, you’ll expand your knowledge of ecology, geology, hydrology, and marine science and apply it to real-world challenges.

This program is a valuable stepping stone if you’re interested in science or looking to boost your skills. After completing the program, you’ll be ready for a range of careers, including environmental specialist, marine biologist, wildlife biologist, or water quality scientist.

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How to Apply/Declare

Current Undergraduate Students: Declare or change your minor by completing an Undergraduate Program Add/Change form.

Prospective Undergraduate Students: Apply for admission to UMass Boston by completing an application. Start by reviewing the first-year and transfer application pages for important information about requirements, deadlines, and application status checks. Use the links below to apply: 

Apply as a First-Year Student

Apply as a Transfer Student


Introductory Courses (7 Credits)

  • ENVSCI 120 - Introduction to Environmental Science 3 Credit(s)
  • ENVSCI 121 - Introduction to Environmental Science Lab 1 Credit(s)
  • ENVSCI 122 - Introduction to Environmental Policy & Management 3 Credit(s)

Electives (12 Credits)

Take four electives from environmental science courses (except for ENVSCI 114, 124, and 134). At least two electives must be 300-level or higher environmental science courses.

Completion Requirements

Complete at least 19 credits from seven courses, including three introductory courses and four electives.

Pass/fail: No courses taken pass/fail may be applied toward the minor.
Residency: At least three courses for the minor must be completed at UMass Boston.


Dr. Elizabeth Boyle, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, School for Environment


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