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Theatre Arts Minor

Pursue Your Passion for Theatre Arts. 

The Theatre Arts Minor program at UMass Boston gives you a broad introduction to the world of theatre. Through this program, you’ll nurture your talents and explore various forms of theatre, including classics, contemporary, and musical theatre. 

The curriculum covers all the essential subjects, such as acting, design, directing, and playwriting. The program encourages hands-on experience and gives you the opportunity to participate in live performances, production work, and internships.

With a Theatre Arts Minor, you can pursue careers in theatre, performing arts, event management, arts administration, and more. 

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How To Apply/Declare

Current Undergraduate Students: Declare or change your minor by completing an Undergraduate Program Add/Change form.

Prospective Undergraduate Students: Apply for admission to UMass Boston by completing an application. Start by reviewing the first-year and transfer application pages for important information about requirements, deadlines, and application status checks. Use the links below to apply: 

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Acting Course (3 Credits)

  • THRART 236 - Acting 1 3 Credit(s)

Costumes and Theatre Crafts (3 Credits)

Complete one course from the list below.

  • THRART 122 - Costume Construction 3 Credit(s)
  • THRART 123 - Theatre Crafts I 3 Credit(s)

Theatre History and Dramatic Literature Courses (6 Credits)

Complete two courses from the list below.

  • THRART 201 - Theatre History: Origins-1660 3 Credit(s)
  • THRART 202 - Theatre History: 1660-Present 3 Credit(s)
  • THRART 251 - Playwriting I 3 Credit(s)
  • THRART 301 - Contemporary American Drama 3 Credit(s)
  • THRART 310 - Costume History 3 Credit(s)
  • THRART 316 - The Elizabethan Stage 3 Credit(s)
  • THRART 318 - Modern European Drama 3 Credit(s)
  • THRART 410 - Topics in Dramatic Literature 3 Credit(s)

Practicum Courses (2 Credits)

  • THRART 105 - Theatre Practicum 1 1 Credit(s)
  • THRART 205 - Theatre Practicum 2 1 Credit(s)

Advanced Theatre Courses (6 Credits)

Complete any two additional 300 or 400-level THRART courses except for THRART 305 and 405.

Completion Requirements

Complete 20 credits from eight courses, including one acting course, one costume and stage crafts course, two theatre history and dramatic literature courses, two practicums, and two advanced theatre courses.


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