UMass Boston

Financial Aid

You can use financial aid to study abroad. Check the Financial Aid & Study Abroad Guide for the list of financial aid accepted on exchange versus provider/direct enroll programs.

If you are receiving any type of financial aid (i.e. grants, loans, scholarships), you must inform the financial aid office of your intent to study abroad and submit required documents. You should build a budget for your term abroad by viewing the budget available for your program. Other expenses include the UMass Boston Study Abroad Fee ($250), visa and passport expenses, airfare, ground transportation, and personal expenses. Many costs vary by program duration and living expenses in the city/country you are studying away in.

The federal government allows students to apply federal financial aid dollars (a Pell grant or Stafford loan) to study abroad programs. With other types of financial aid, you must check with the financial aid office to determine transferability. Contact: Nicole Brennan for all study abroad financial aid questions.

In order to receive financial aid for your study abroad program, you must complete the following steps: