UMass Boston

graphic of car driving in front of campus center.
Driving Tour

Campus Driving Tour

Tour Length: Approximately 30 minutes
Campus Main Entrance: 100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125


Welcome and thank you for joining us at UMass Boston for our Campus Driving Tour experience! We hope that this journey will give you a taste of the peninsula our Beacons call home, and we can’t wait to be able to welcome you in person very soon. On this page, you will find a complete list of our tour stops with audio and video elements for you to learn more about UMass Boston and refer back to at any time.

Please wait until you are fully parked at each stop to press play and remain in your vehicle at all times following along the mapped route to each stop. 


Download the full Campus Map


  • You will enter the UMass Boston campus from 100 Morrissey Blvd and bear right at the rotary onto University Drive S.
  • Take the next left, and this will be the Quinn Roadway next to our Integrated Science Complex. You will see a circular drop-off area, take another left to pull into this driveway. This is Stop #1.

Stop #1 - Integrated Sciences Complex Drop-Off Area

  • The Integrated Science Complex (ISC) is a hub for all things science, featuring research labs and support spaces for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Environmental Sciences and Psychology.


  • Directions to Stop #2: Our next stop will be our Healey Library, the Quinn Administration Building, the HarborWalk and a few of our other academic spaces. Pull out of the driveway and take a right to head back to University Drive S. Take a left onto University Drive S and continue along University Drive S for about 200 ft until you see a designated pull-off on your right by the water. This will be Stop #2.

Stop #2 - University Drive South

  • The Healey Library, the tallest building on campus at 12 stories, houses not only a vast library of books and study spaces, but also classrooms, general use computer labs, and portions of the Office for Information Technology, including the Digital Learning Studio and the Video Production Center.


  • Wheatley Hall is home to many academic departments on campus, such as the College of Advancing and Professional Studies, the College of Education and Human Development, the College of Liberal Arts, and the College of Science and Mathematics, as well many classroom spaces.
  • McCormack Hall is home to the History department for CLA, the College of Management, and the McCormack Graduate School.
  • McCormack is also home to the Beacon Fitness Center which is free for all current UMB students! It features state-of-the-art fitness equipment, along with group fitness offerings and personal training for students.


  • Our students enjoy scenic views of the harbor right from our front door with an 800 foot section of the HarborWalk located right along UMB’s campus, which connects South Boston to the Seaport area of downtown Boston.
  • Directions to Stop #3: Our next stop is our Campus Center. Pull back onto University Drive S and continue past the short term parking lot on your left until you see a sign for Campus Center Admissions parking. Take the left here and follow the road until you reach the parking lot. You will see Undergraduate Admissions in front of you, this is Stop #3 .

Stop #3 - Campus Center Admissions Lot

  • The Campus Center is really the hub of our campus, and serves as the “living room” of the university. It contains our student services and student life offices, and hosts many events that encourages and engages our community.


  • Directions to Stop #4: Up next, we’re going to check out our newest academic building, University Hall. Exit the Campus Center parking lot and take a left back onto University Drive S. Continue along University Drive S and this will turn into University Drive E as you pass in front of our Campus Center and University Hall buildings with the water on your right. 
  • Continue along University Drive E until you come to the intersection of University Drive N and Columbia Point. Take a left onto University Drive N, passing the JFK Library parking lot on your right. At the next intersection you will take the left onto Columbia Point and follow the road until you reach the circular drop-off behind University Hall and the Campus Center. This is Stop #4.

Stop #4 - Columbia Point Circle Behind Campus Center

  • Opened in 2016, University Hall is our newest academic building on campus and serves programs across the university. Our Performing and Visual Arts students are right at home here with our state-of-the-art facilities including a 500 seat auditorium, art studios, a dance studio overlooking the water, 150 seat recital hall, and the University Hall Gallery that showcases both student and professional works.


  • Directions to Stop #5: We are going to talk about the growth and transformation of our campus next, as well as some of the other organizations UMB shares Columbia Point Peninsula with. Continue down Columbia Point to come back to the intersection of Columbia Point and University Drive N. You will take a left onto University Drive N and take the next immediate left into the EMK parking lot and park at Stop #5.

Stop #5 -  Parking Lot of Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate

  • UMass Boston shares the Columbia Point Peninsula with a few points of interest that our students can take advantage of as well. We share the peninsula with the Massachusetts Archives, the JFK Presidential Library, and the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate that allows our students to participate in senate simulations and act as legislators for the day in the institute’s full scale reproduction of the US Senate Chamber.
  • The Substructure Demolition and Quadrangle Development (SDQD) project will move the campus away from its original inward-facing layout, creating a welcoming environment with buildings well-connected to the landscape, the waterfront, and the surrounding communities.


  • Directions to Stop #6: Take a left out of the EMK lot and follow University Drive N. At the next intersection, you will take a left between the residence halls and pump house and pull into the Clark lot. This is Stop #6.

Stop #6 - Clark Athletic Center Parking Lot 

  • In 2018, UMass Boston opened its first residence halls for 1000+ students. There are several floor plans that students choose from including singles, doubles, triples, and quads.


  • The Clark Athletic Center houses UMB’s basketball/volleyball court, and ice skating rink. Primarily student athletes utilize this space, however, there are open gym and free skate opportunities for the entire UMB community.


  • When it comes to clubs and organizations, UMB offers over 100 different clubs for you to choose from. Everything from student government to the Black Student Center to the Boston Coffee Party Club for our caffeine fanatics.
  • To exit campus proceed out of Clark Lot and take a left onto University Drive N. At the set of lights, take a left onto University Drive W. Continue past the residence halls, past West Parking Garage on your right to come back to the rotary. 
  • Take the first right out of the rotary and follow the road back to Morrissey Blvd. Thank you for joining us for our Campus Driving Tour!