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students from program crouch for group photo wearing yellow t-shirts with program branding
Project Alerta


To date, Project ALERTA has served more than 3,000 students in the Boston area. All of our alumni have successfully graduated from Boston Public high schools, including numerous graduates from the three exam schools. Our alumni have moved on to college and become exemplary members of our community in politics, business, and education.

Our current students report that participating in the program has helped them apply themselves to their studies, improve their grades, work more effectively as part of a team, and think more clearly about their career plans. Teachers in the program report that virtually all of their students who are English Language Learners demonstrate increased proficiency in reading and writing English.


Marjorie Soto, Principal, Joseph J. Hurley K-8 School:

“The students who’ve been in Project ALERTA stand out. The majority have reached a level of proficient on the MCAS exam. I’ve watched them gain self-confidence, get along better with their peers, and take the stage with poise in the annual performing arts project.”

Charlotte Mira, ALERTA student:

"You get to do projects and draw, write, learn and go on field trips. I also think it’s fun because you get to experience things you never experienced before. I really love Project ALERTA.”