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2022 Student Racial Climate Survey

2022 Student Racial Climate Survey

In fall 2022, more than 20 percent of UMass Boston students participated in a racial climate survey called the National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates (NACCC). The survey was an important opportunity for us to gather student perspectives about our campus climate, which can inform community actions to foster a greater sense of belonging at UMass Boston.

In summer 2023, we received our survey results from NACCC, and in October ’23 we announced plans for community sessions in which the results are being shared and discussed.  There are six scheduled community sessions, one for each of the major domains covered by the NACCC instrument. 

Below are the dates, times, and locations of these sessions.  For past sessions, a link is provided to the materials that were shared.

The sessions are being facilitated by Garrett Smith (Deputy Chancellor), Karen Ferrer-Muñiz (Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs) and Joseph Cooper (Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Black Life).  Please reach out to the facilitators with any questions!

Session 1: Mattering and Affirmation

Wednesday October 18, 2023
Session 1 PowerPoint

Session 2: Cross Racial Engagement

Tuesday November 14, 2023
Session 2 PowerPoint

Session 3: Racial Learning and Literacy

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Session 3 PowerPoint

Session 4: Encounters with Racial Stress

Thursday, March 14, 2024
Session 4 PowerPoint
Session Video Recording Passcode: 0h&fA^U?

Session 5: Appraisals of Institutional Commitment

Monday, April 22, 2024
Session 5 Powerpoint
Session Recording Password: m5+7Djo$

Session 6: Impact of External Environments

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Session 6 PowerPoint