UMass Boston

Facility Access

Access to ARCF rooms must be requested for all faculty, staff, students, contractors, and visitors. Please note: prior to requesting access individuals must have a UMass Boston BeaconCard obtained through the Department of Public Safety and be associated with an approved IACUC protocol.

  1. The PI (or delegate with a copy to the PI) should email their request to The body of the email should include the following:
    Requests for students should include: student name, student ID#, IACUC protocol number(s), and room numbers
    Requests for contractors and visitors should include a name, his/her institution or agency and purpose of the animal facility visit, date(s) involved, and contact information for the host. Note: An employee must accompany all visitors the entire time they are in an animal facility. Contractors and visitors must comply with all applicable policies and procedures required of staff. Additional restrictions may also apply (i.e. removing documents, records, or animals, and taking photographs or making recordings).
  2. The ARCF staff will review and forward request to the Department of Public Safety 
  3. Once processed, the P.I. and student will receive an ‘Access Activation’ email notice
  4. ARCF staff will provide a general facility orientation

Animal Resources Core Facility

100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125