UMass Boston

Required Training

CITI Training: All UMass Boston researchers, staff, and students who are engaged in research involving animal use are required to complete the CITI training prior to conducting any research every three (3) years. Faculty, staff, and students must provide the CITI completion certificate as confirmation that all trainings have been completed. 

The CITI trainings required prior to working with animals are listed below:

  • Working with the IACUC 
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Species Specific Modules (Select the module appropriate for your research)

Animal Care and Use training: This is an in person training held by the IACUC and Animal Vivarium Veterinarian. These training sessions are designed to educate students on the animal care and use program. We will discuss IACUC and animal facility procedures as well as identify the hazards associated with the care and use of animals and how to eliminate or manage those risks

Occupational Health and Safety Program

The risk-based occupational health and safety program for personnel working in laboratory animal facilities and personnel who have frequent contact with animals is as follows: 

  • The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. This office manages IACUC review.  
  • Laboratory Safety personnel in Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S). EH&S staff provide training in safe laboratory practices, waste management, and safe use of hazardous materials, and inspect equipment, laboratories and facilities to ensure the work environment is safe and use and disposal of hazardous agents is appropriate.
  • Covered personnel are all full-time, part-time, and temporary employees and students of the University of Massachusetts Boston who have contact, in terms of physical proximity or handling animals in the course of their employment or education for research, teaching or testing purposes.

Animal Resources Core Facility

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