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Student Financial Responsibility Agreement FAQ

Student Financial Responsibility Agreement Frequently Asked Questions


Q:        What is the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)?

A:        The Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA) is a statement of the financial obligations and responsibilities you agree to assume when you register for a course at the University of Massachusetts Boston. It explains the potential consequences that may be taken if a student does not meet those obligations.


Q:        Why do I have to complete the FRA?

A:        The FRA is a mandatory agreement that outlines financial obligations and responsibilities for enrolling in courses at UMass Boston. All students are required to complete the FRA when they log in their WISER.

Our goal is to help students understand the cost of their education and the financial policies associated with their enrollment at UMass Boston. The FRA, in conjunction with the Bursar website,  your WISER account information, and other documentation, helps explain the university’s expectations for payment, and allows us to clearly inform students of our policies related to billing, late payment, contact methods, etc.


Q:        How often must I complete the FRA?

A:       The FRA must be accepted once per academic year, or if changes to the current agreement are mandated.


Q:        When will the FRA be assigned?

A:        The FRA will be assigned to all active students prior to the registration period for the Fall term, each academic year. Students will be directed to the FRA page when they log in their WISER account.


Q:        What is the FRA Hold?

A:        The FRA hold will be applied to all student accounts once per academic year prior to the start of the registration period. This hold will prevent a student from registering for any class until the agreement has been acknowledged. Once the agreement is accepted, the FRA hold will automatically be removed.


Q:        What if I don’t want to accept the FRA?

A:        If you do not accept the FRA for a given academic year, you will be unable to register for any classes during that year.


Q:        How long after I complete the FRA will the hold be removed?

A:        The hold will be removed immediately after the student accepts the agreement.


Q:        What if I will not be attending the term(s) the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement was assigned to?

A:        If you are not attending for the term(s) that the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement is assigned, then you are not required to complete.


Q:        Why must I complete the FRA if my tuition and fees are being covered by financial aid, scholarships, or outside funding sources?

A:        The Financial Aid Award is contingent upon student’s continued enrollment and attendance in each class upon which your financial aid eligibility was calculated. If you drop any class before completion, your financial aid eligibility may decrease and some or all of the financial aid awarded to you may be revoked. In this instance, students are financially responsible for any remaining balance and, as such, must accept the FRA.


Q:        Why must I complete the FRA if my tuition and fees are being covered by the third parties (i.e., military benefits, sponsorship, employer)?

A:        All students are ultimately responsible for their student account, including any unpaid balances should the third-party payer fail to make payments. In addition, students may accrue charges on their student account which may not be covered by the third-parties. Therefore, completing the FRA is an acknowledgment of a student’s responsibility of their student account.


Q:        How can I access a copy of my completed FRA?

A:        You can only access a completed copy of your FRA during the signing process. There will be a step where you can print the form. However, a copy of the FRA is available on the UMB Bursar webpage for all to access.