UMass Boston

Academic Internship Request Form

Use this form to register for AF 480, MKT 480, MGT 480, or MSIS 480.

Course Prerequisites:

- Enrollment in the College of Management at UMass Boston
- Minimum UMass Boston GPA of 2.50
- Completion of 75 credits before the course begins
- Completion of 21 credits in the Management foundation and core
- Completion of one concentration/track course
- Internship position

Before submitting this form, you must secure an internship for the term in which you plan to take this course (fall, spring, or summer).  If you need assistance finding an internship, please consult with the Director of Career Services in the College of Management, Patrick Nelson (McCormack Hall suite 610) or the Office of Careers Services and Internships in SEAS (Campus Center suite 1100).

Your internship position will be reviewed by career advising staff in the College and will determine which section of this course (AF, MGT, MKT or MSIS) you will be eligible to take.  Please be aware that the nature of the internship determines which section you will be in, not your major or concentration.

The beginning of this course should align as closely as possible with the start of your internship and you must be participating in the internship while in this course. There are various components of the course that require input from your internship supervisor, which makes this overlap necessary. You cannot complete an internship and then later take this course.  You cannot use your regular job to qualify for this course.  If you have any questions about the registration requirements or process, please contact your academic advisor.

This form is for use by College of Management undergraduate students only. If this is not you, please consult with your college, major department, the Academic and Career Engagement and Success (ACES) Center, or the Office of Career Services and Internships about how you may receive credit for an internship.

Academic Internship Request Form

  • To earn academic credit for your internship, you must be working at the designated internship during the same academic term that you are enrolled in the 480 course. You must be working at least 15-20 hours/week during the fall and spring semesters and 15-20 hours/week during the 12 week summer course.
  • Three credits are earned for the course.
  • This must be a newly acquired position. Students cannot use their existing job as an internship for this course.

On occasion, your internship site may need to be contacted by the Office of Career Services if we have questions or need more information or clarification about your position prior to course enrollment.

The Internship course is open to College of Management students who meet the following academic pre-requisites:

  • Completion of 75 credit hours
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at UMass Boston
  • Completion of one concentration or
  • Course Completion of 21 credits in your major core and/or foundation courses

Internship course registration aligns with your internship placement, not necessarily with your concentration or track.

For example, a marketing concentrator with an accounting internship would be registered for AF 480, not MKT 480, and the internship wouldn’t satisfy a concentration requirement in that case. For the great majority of students, their internship placement and concentration are in the same field, so this is not an issue.

Appropriate section registration is determined by a review of your position description by the Office of Career Services and Internships.