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Public Perceptions and Understanding of Steroids

The CSDE's national study of the public’s perceptions and understanding of the use of performance enhancing drugs (steroids) by middle school, high school and college students is now available. The research is in partnership with Cooperstown Hall of Fame Foundation, the Taylor Hooton Foundation and the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS). Download a copy of this study here.

Based on the results of this study, the Taylor Hooton Foundation, created when Taylor Hooton committed suicide from the depression he suffered as a result of anabolic steroids, will create an educational platform to raise public awareness about the dangers of anabolic steroids, and Cooperstown Hall of Fame Foundation, in partnership with PBATS, will expand its anti-steroid use campaign.

The CSDE and the Center for Survey Research at UMass Boston collaborated to create the survey, which addresses the public’s current knowledge about anabolic steroids, the perception of young adult steroid use, the motivation behind steroid use, and the knowledge of the dangers of steroid use.  The survey was administered by the Gallup Organization via a phone interview involving 1,000 nationally representative adults ages 18-65 beginning in September.


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