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Testimonials from our sponsors and research and community partners

"Project Hope has partnered with the Center for Social Policy for many years. They have supported us on a number of research projects and are experts in what they do. They are committed to supporting organizations like ours to better understand our impact on vulnerable communities. The critical work of CSP informs our own advocacy activities, as we work together to push for more just and equitable policies that affect our communities. Thank you CSP!" --Christine Dixon, LICSW, Executive Director, Project Hope

"Through its singular focus on the structural causes of poverty, ... the Center for Social Policy ... stands with the city’s most vulnerable, gives voice to their challenges, and takes a leading role in working with them to shape a better future. Through its research, publications, and evaluations, it has made a significant impact at the local, state, and national levels." --J. Keith Motley, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Boston

"The Center for Social Policy can be justly proud of the contribution of its staff and its Constituent Advisors group ... We applaud your audacity and innovative spirit in creating possibilities for people with the lived experience of poverty to have a greater role in informing and guiding are clearly demonstrating your solidarity with people the world over whose energy and intelligence are focused on the goal of eradicating extreme and persistent poverty.  Together we can make a difference; together we can eliminate poverty." --David Lee, President of International Committee for October 17, World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, United Nations

Read David Lee's entire letter (.docx)

"Making policy is complex; it requires a level of nuance to big ideas, big politics and big implications - it requires a lot of people at the table and a lot of information.  The Center for Social Policy .. (offers) the highest level of support a policy maker can get - it is thoughtful, data driven and rigorously vetted... work that informs our opinions, tests our assumptions, and helps all of us deepen our understanding of the social challenges around us." -- Maureen Pompeo, Executive Director of Management Consulting Services and former Chair of Project Hope

"The strength of the center has always been that ability to get the voices of those most affected by social problems into the debate." -- Melinda Marble, Deputy Director, Barr Foundation

“When I think of the Center for Social Policy, I am reminded of Nelson Mandela’s words, ‘Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice.’ The on-the-ground, practical research and evaluation work of the Center for Social Policy truly promotes economic and social equality.  It really is a privilege to work with you.”  --Andrea Silbert, President, Eos Foundation

"I want to thank all of you for such a wonderful experience in creating, preparing for, and presenting the Feasibility Study.  It was a wonderful personal and professional experience for me and I am very proud of the work we did together." -- Tressa Stazinski, Director, Workforce Development Department, Project Hope

"You have always put together a wonderful agenda .... What a learning experience this has been for all of us." -- Dawn Williams, Director of Employment Services, Ventures, Emerge Community Development