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Leadership Development & Education

WE DESIGN AND DELIVER programs in entrepreneurial leadership that create opportunities for early educators and organizations to improve quality in their practice, programs, and the field. 

OUR EVIDENCE- AND RESEARCH-BASED CURRICULUM, Leading for Change, teaches entrepreneurial leadership, which seeks adaptive solutions to complex problems and is required in situations for which there are no existing or predefined solutions. This style of leadership is also relational, which recognizes the expertise or authority of each person within an organization who exercises leadership at multiple levels, regardless of formal titles or roles.

Entrepreneurial Leadership programs

OUR LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION NETWORK Graduates of our programs join our Leadership and Innovation Network, which sustains emerging and established leaders in the field, elevates their ideas, and expands the reach of their innovations through our Annual Early Educator Leadership Forum and smaller events throughout the year focused on generating new ideas, supporting change projects, and networking.

Leadership and Innovation Network.



This institute is part of the College of Education and Human Development.