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How does artificial intelligence change the people using it? What does the future of work look like in an age of increasing automation? How will brain-machine interface technologies impact our basic capacities? 

The Applied Ethics Center and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies have launched a long term collaboration to explore the ethics and politics of AI. The initiative involves the creation of three post-doctoral fellowships, public lectures, and a series of conferences and symposia.  


The Ethics of Emerging Technologies initiative supports research on the nexus of philosophy, politics and artificial intelligence.

Recent publications supported by the project include:

Policy Papers

Popular Media: 

The Applied Ethics Center is committed to disseminating research to the broader public. Below are some pieces aimed at a general audience. You can also find discussions related to the Ethics of Emerging Technologies on our podcast Ethics in Action.

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Past Conferences

  • Emerging Technologies and The Future of Work (November 3rd - 4th, 2023). 

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The Applied Ethics Center and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies are offering three post-doctoral fellowships focused on AI and Society. The first focused on AI and the future of work and began during the fall of 2022. Subsequent fellowships will focus on Brain-Machine interfaces and on social and international conflict. 

You can find further information on the second fellowship here.

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