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General Medicine
All departmental services are located in the Quinn Administration Building, 2nd floor.
Phone: 617-287-5660
Fax: 617-287-3977
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Phone: 617.287.5690
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Health & Wellness

Insurance & Billing

UHS General Medicine currently accepts and can bill a variety of commercial health insurance plans. Please note:

  • The amount that you pay for services provided depends upon the schedule of deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments associated with your health insurance plan. It is important that you understand the coverage provided by your health insurance plan.
  • Please bring your insurance card with you when you come to UHS.
  • Patients insured by a health maintenance organization or point-of-service plan (POP) which requires primary care provider (PCP) referrals must obtain one for care at UHS.
  • Bills from UHS are mailed to the address on file.

Health Insurance | Bursar's Office


Uploading Insurance on My Health Beacon Portal

Before your appointment with General Medicine, you must upload your insurance information. For instructions:

  1. Log into your My Health Beacon Portal
  2. On your home page, you can update your insurance information by clicking on the "Insurance Card" tab on the left-hand column and following the prompts to add your insurance information. You'll be asked to upload a photo of your card.

Paying a General Medicine Bill

Bills from UHS are mailed to the address on-file. 

If you have a "UHS" hold that you are clearing by making a payment, call General Medicine at (617) 287-5660 to have the hold removed - this is not automatic. 

Paying In Person

UHS accepts cash, checks, or cards. Please come to the General Medicine Clinic (Quinn Administration Building 2nd Floor) and ask the front desk to pay your bill. 

Paying by Mail

Mail a check, payable to University Health Services to: University Health Services, 100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston MA 02125. 

Paying by Phone

Call 617-287-5660 to provide the billing information.