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My Health Beacon Portal

The My Health Beacon Portal is a secure system that can be used to schedule and/or cancel appointments, send and receive secure messages from your healthcare provider, upload your immunization records, and view the status of your medical clearances.

Access My Health Beacon Portal

How to Access

Students can log into the My Health Beacon Portal here.  If you are having trouble with your login username or password, contact the IT Service Desk at (617) 287-5220.

Note: University Health Services takes student privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Because the log-in information is the same for the health services portal as it is for your email account, help us protect your privacy - please be aware that by sharing your log-in information with anyone, you are also granting them access to your private health information that is contained in the portal.

Log In Assistance

  1. Review the information on the home page of the portal. This provides important information about what the My Health Beacon portal is and what you can use it for.
  2. Select the Profile tab to review your profile and make sure that the information contained here is correct and up-to-date. You can edit your mobile phone number and choose your mobile phone carrier. By choosing your mobile phone carrier, you are giving University Health Services permission to send you text reminders of appointments that you schedule, either through the portal or over the phone, with our office.
  3. Explore the My Health Beacon Portal! You can see where and how to schedule or cancel your future appointments with University Health Services, how to send messages to your health care providers, enter, view, and print your immunization information, and complete any necessary forms.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Please review our list of services here and follow the instructions below to make an appointment.

  1. Log into your Health Portal and enter your date of birth.
  2. Once you arrive on your home page, click on the "Appointments" tab, located in the left-hand column.
  3. Click on the blue tab "Schedule an Appointment". You can select from the following visit types:
    • Immunization Clinic
    • Primary Care office visit

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging is a safe, confidential way for you to communicate with the medical and billing staff at University Health Services. 

You should not contact your provider via secure message if you are having a life-threatening emergency - please dial 911.

Using this tool, you can:

  • Send a message to a Nurse
  • Send a message to the Immunization Coordinator

How do I send and receive messages from my healthcare provider?

  • To read messages that may have been sent to you from your healthcare provider, click on “Messages” on the left-hand navigation bar of the My Health Beacon portal. You will see all the messages that you have received.
  • To send a message to your health care provider, select “New Message” from the top of the messages screen. Choose one of the options regarding what your message is about or who you would like to send the message to.

If you are having technical issues with your My Health Beacon Portal, you can contact our My Health Beacon support team. Please review the contact information below. 

My Health Beacon Support
Phone: 617-287-5607

Information Technology Services offers support for WISER account or Microsoft Authenticator.

Multi-Factor Authentication Support