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Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Your password is "Something you know," but things you know could easily be known by someone else too. The threat of sophisticated phishing attacks and password breaches means that a password alone is not enough to secure your most private information. Systems protected with MFA, in addition to needing the correct password ("Something you know"), a second factor is required for you to authorize your login attempt:"Something you have."

  1. Something you know:  Username and password         
  2. Something you have: Confirm your identity by phone
  3. That's it! You're signed in!

Infographic showing staging of multifactor aunthenticatiion, 3 monitors last one logged in.


MFA is required for all users on several systems at UMass Boston. The "Something you have" for these systems is an app on your phone* to confirm your identity.

Set up and manage your MFA sign-in methods

Microsoft MFA is required for our Microsoft accounts, including Email, Outlook, Calendars, OneDrive, and other Office365 accounts. Visit How to set up MFA and manage your sign in methods.

* No smartphone? There are several other ways to use MFA: Contact IT Support to get help with MFA.

Use MFA for non-UMass accounts

You can turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (Also known as "two-factor authentication") for many other apps and services outside UMass. Visit Learn how to use MFA on all your accounts at

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