UMass Boston

Institute for International and Comparative Education

at the University of Massachusetts Boston

The Institute for International and Comparative Education (IICE) is dedicated to advancing research at UMass Boston in areas related to education in international settings as well as US-based educational issues with global dimensions. By bringing together a scholarly community of experts—including faculty members, visiting scholars, students and practitioners—the IICE aims to address global educational challenges, in particular those concerning social justice and equity.

The IICE supports a number of research and publishing initiatives, which are interdisciplinary in nature and emphasize both K-12 and higher education in a range of geographical settings, including Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

The IICE sponsors a variety of activities, including a speaker series, workshops, and professional development.

Key GoalsThe IICE works to

  • foster a scholarly community around issues concerning international and comparative education;
  • act as a venue for the dissemination of scholarship and activities conducted by UMass Boston faculty and students on the theme of international and comparative education;
  • house research grants on projects relating to international education; and
  • serve as a resource for students pursuing their studies in international and comparative education.


Wenfan Yan, PhD, Director of the Institute for International and Comparative Education.
Telephone: 617.287.4873





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