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Center for U.S. China Educational Leadership


The purpose of the Center for U.S.-China Educational Leadership (CUCEL) is to train, support, and provide research opportunities for a diverse group of educators who are committed to acting on the principles of academic excellence and global citizenship. CUCEL’s three founding partners currently engaged in collaborations are the University of Massachusetts Boston, the High School Affiliated with Renmin University of China, and Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School.

The High School Affiliated with Renmin University of China is the best of its kind in China. It has developed partnerships with Chinese universities, and has played a significant role in high school educational reform. Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School has a century-old history. Its many contributions, honors, and achievements have made it one of the leading primary schools in China. CUCEL engages in activities related to the three levels of comprehensive educational systems (university, primary school, middle/high school), with a focus on urban education, and will establish relationships with more partners in the near future.

CUCEL's training programs and research projects are illustrated in the following chart.




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