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Training Programs

The Center for U.S.- China Educational Leadership provides educational leadership training programs for principals, teachers, and students. These programs involve an integrated set of experiences that include sound theoretical knowledge, globally known best educational practices, problem-based learning, and field-based experiences.


Principal Leadership Development Program

This program is designed for participants in leadership positions, such as principals and headmasters, district superintendents, and educators in comparable positions of executive leadership. It seeks to develop the intellectual, moral, practical and entrepreneurial foundations for excellent educational practice. Program participants will develop their leadership skills with a focus on strategic and operational issues. Their understanding of different educational unit functions will be deepened and their vision of educational phenomena will be expanded. They will be prepared to use the knowledge, skills, and dispositions acquired in this program in their educational decision-making processes, will eventually be capable of designing and implementing successful educational systems for urban communities, and play vital roles in their countries’ educational reforms.


Teacher Leadership Development Program

This program is designed to prepare teachers in different countries to become professional practitioners and leaders in a variety of educational organizations. Participants will become grounded in the theory and practice of education leadership, develop a broad and deep understanding of the principles of organizational culture and behavior, and acquire the skills needed to provide effective organizational leadership. They will understand contemporary educational management systems and know how to employ them effectively, be committed to the ideals of equity and diversity in educational matters, and exhibit the courage and critical intelligence needed to question what is and to develop what might be. Participants will have structured opportunities to think beyond their own disciplines and classrooms (transdisciplinarity), enrich their teaching, and effectively support their colleagues in a learning community.

Student Leadership Development Program

This program is designed for U.S. and other countries elementary, secondary, and college students. Through a variety of instructional activities, the program will foster participants’ social responsibility, community engagement, leadership skills, and global citizenship. Special focus topics will be designed based on the developmental stage of the participants.


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