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Research Projects

Comparative Studies on Educational Policy

Comparative studies on educational policy examine key contemporary global challenges in education, focusing on options to effect systemic change in public education systems in both developed and developing nations. The participants will understand the ways in which policy makers, international consultants, and social entrepreneurs help enhance educational opportunities. They will also discuss the current global efforts on generating effective policy reforms to provide quality education for all children, especially socially disadvantaged and marginalized children.

Comparative Studies on Innovation and Educational Entrepreneurs

Educational entrepreneurs are defined as individuals striving to generate change in the public education system, which will impact, transform, or radically alter the way education is provided. Program participants will understand the way social entrepreneurs generate and mobilize resources, negotiate partnerships with the public sector, and create and sustain organizations to support innovation. How talented educational entrepreneurs develop, build, and launch their break-the-mold education ventures will be studied. A series of cases on educational innovation and social entrepreneurs will be analyzed.

Comparative Education Research Initiatives

The Center for U.S.-China Educational Leadership works collaboratively with the participant country institute to conduct the following research projects.

  • Research Project on Textbook and Exemplary Teaching Material
    This project aims to summarize and synthesize the best leadership practices from the top schools in partner countries, develop hands-on teaching tools and assessment instruments for improving teaching and learning, disseminate effective teaching and learning supplementary material, and identify effective textbooks.
  • Research Project on School-based Curricula and Integrated Curricula
    School-based curricula and integrated curricula both play important roles in schools all over the world. This project aims to enable participants to study and develop the expertise needed to introduce school-based curricula and integrate curricula successfully in their own schools. Exemplary curricula will be observed and analyzed in comparative perspective.
  • Visiting Scholar Project
    To support and enrich the IICE’s international participants’ engagement at UMass Boston, the Visiting Scholar Project is available in collaboration with the UMass Boston Office of Global Programs. The project aims to enhance IICE’s academic resources by inviting renowned international scholars to conduct joint transnational and transdisciplinary research projects with their U.S counterparts in IICE.


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