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Getting your Course Ready for the New Semester


  • Blackboard course shells are automatically generated for every course listed in WISER, at least 2 months before the semester starts.
  • Courses open for students 3 days prior to the WISER class start date and remain open for 28 days after the end date.
  • An instructor must be listed as PI in WISER for their course to appear on their Blackboard account. 

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Ready Course Checklist

A list of steps to follow to get your course ready for the start of the semester:

Also note: 

  • Please use Chrome or Firefox with Blackboard and remind your students to do the same. Blackboard works best in these browsers.
  • Consider using Open Educational Resources (OER) or low cost materials as a way to reduce the cost of education for our students.
  • Review the Resources posted on this page for more useful tips.


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