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Labor Extension Program

at UMass Boston

The Labor Extension Program has provided hands-on training and technical assistance to workers, union members, and community organizations since 1995. While our educational sessions are as diverse as the participants we attract, one simple principle unites everything we do: linking education with action to build a stronger labor movement.

Recent training sessions have dealt with such topics as workplace rights, organizing, computer skills, and corporate research, as well as skills trainings for union stewards.

For information on Labor Extension-related activities on all four UMass campuses, visit the Statewide Labor Extension page.

For more information on this year's Labor Extension schedule and other upcoming events, email Labor Extension Coordinator Anneta Argyres, or call her at 617.287.7229.

Labor Extension Bulletin

To learn more about what the UMass Labor Extension Program does, download current and past issues of our newsletter.
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Labor Resource Center
Wheatley Hall, 4th Floor, Room 151
100 Morrissey Blvd.
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The Labor Resource Center is affiliated with the College of Liberal Arts.