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Our People

Steve Striffler

Director of the Labor Resource Center, College of Liberal Arts

Expertise: Labor history, Latin American studies, immigration, human rights, anthropology

Steve Striffler writes and teaches about labor, migration, and the left in relation to Latin America and the United States.  His last book, Solidarity: Latin America and the US Left in the Era of Human Rights, explores the history of US-Latin American solidarity from the Haitian Revolution to the 2000s.  He is also co-editor (with Aviva Chomsky) of Organizing for Power: Building a Twenty-First Century Labor Movement in Boston.

Office location: W04-144/16


Anneta Argyres

Director of the Labor Extension Program

Expertise: Health and Safety

Office location: W04-144/20


As the Labor Extension Director, Anneta Argyres develops and delivers workshops and training programs for workers and unions on a broad range of topics, including worker rights, union skills (such as grievance handling, contract negotiations, internal organizing, and strategic planning), health and safety, economic change, sexual harassment, and addressing racism. Her particular areas of interest are popular education and facilitation, and she conducts train-the-trainer sessions to help develop these skills for worker and peer trainers. 

Nicole Aschoff

Lecturer in Labor Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Expertise: Labor and Labor Movements

Office location: W04-144/18


Nick Juravich

Assistant Professor of History and Labor Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Associate Director of the Labor Resource Center


Professor Juravich’s research interests include labor history, public history, urban history, the history of education, and the history of social movements in the twentieth-century United States. He teaches courses on labor and working-class history, public history and public memory, the history of public schooling, and the history of Greater Boston.

Alejandro Reuss

Lecturer in Labor Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Expertise: Historian and Economist

Office location: W04-144/18


Alejandro Reuss is a historian and economist. His interests in the social sciences include labor economics and labor history, power structure research, U.S. economic history, Latin American history, intersections of multiple forms of social inequality, the history of the world economy,  the history of economic thought, and Marxian economics. He teaches courses on U.S. labor and working-class history, labor and migration, and race, class, and gender. His published writings include the book Labor and the Global Economy (2013) and essay "The Power of Capital: An Introduction to Class, Domination, and Conflict" (2020). He is a past co-editor and editorial board member at Economic Affairs Bureau Inc., and has written extensively for its publications Dollars & Sense magazine and Real World Economics books.


Kathleen McMullin

Administrative Coordinator, Labor Resource Center

Phone: (617) 287-7267
Location: W-04-144/21