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3D Printing Resources

3D Printers aren’t appliances (yet!) You have to understand how they work, learn new things, follow the news, and ask for help. Below are a few resources we’ve found for you to start learning more about 3D Printing.

Ender 3 Documentation

Getting into 3D printing and learning how the machines work and how they are used can be tricky to wrap your head around. We have created documentation on the most common aspects of working and using 3D printers, including general usage manuals as well as part replacement and troubleshooting instructions for parts. This link not only includes 3D printer manuals, but general maker space and 3D printing good-to-know info, such as a glossary of terms, types of filament, and more!

Check out our 3D Printing Guides

Maker’s Muse 3D Printing 101

Slant 3D's "How-to Design for Mass Production 3D Printing"

This Youtube channel is made by one of the world's largest mass-production 3D Printing farms, Slant 3D. It is a collection of short videos they've created teaching lessons they've learned about designing for mass production 3D Printing, but the insights they share are really fantastic for even one-off prints. Some really smart ideas in here to give a professional, commercial polish to your designs and prints.

3D Printing Glossary

Like any technology, 3D Printing has its own vocabulary that you need to be familiar with.

(Thank you to the members of Lyndhurst STEM Club for Girls for sharing this great resource! Keep Making!)

Online User Groups

Just like the early days of the Personal Computer, participating in user groups is an important part of staying up to date with how the technology works. Below are a few you might check out. It's also highly advisable that, in addition to general-topic groups below, you specifically find and participate in the groups which are focused on the specific printer that you use.







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