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Fox Point

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Fox Point Information Booth

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Fox Point Basin - HarborWalk


DMO operates from Fox Point Landing (between McCormack and Wheatley buildings facing the water) at the edge of the HarborWalk. On site are the Fox Point Dock, Fox Point Pavilion, Fox Point storage, information booth, several moorings, and a vending machine.

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Fox Point Dock

Fox Point docking facility is a year-round, multi-purpose facility located in Savin Hill Cove (between Wheatley and McCormack towards the water). The basin is weather protected and offers an 80ft. main float with two 60ft finger floats for smaller vessels. Docking here is available for vessels up to 5ft draft. This facility has recently been fortified with steel pilings, shore power, security gate, and safety lighting.


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Rates for Dockage and Mooring:

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Fox Point Pavilion

Over the years, the Fox Point Landing has been a rest area, an outdoor classroom and a general meeting place for students, staff and faculty of the University. Marine Operations is proud to announce that a permanent structure is being erected (below) and it will provide the same comforting and educational atmosphere that it has been known for. This structure caters to the needs of students, staff, faculty, Marine Operations customers and people taking a walk along the HarborWalk.

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Reservation rates for Fox Point Pavilion:

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John Fallon Pier

The John T. Fallon State Pier, located at the John F. Kennedy Library on Columbia Point. This is a full service facility including: Shore power, fresh water, 3 1/2 ton crane service, security and lighting, two 100ft floats with gangways, 171ft large vessel dock face, and dredged access channel (-13ft MLW).

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Cancelation Policy:

Cancelations made no later than 5 days in advance of charter or reservation will result in a full refund of 10% deposit. Cancelations made less than 5 days in advance of charter or reservation will result in a loss of 10% deposit. The Division of Marine Operations reserves the right to cancel your event or change your venue due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances or events. An attempt for ample notification will be given but not guaranteed. Deposits will be refunded in full for such a case. In the event of a cancellation of a charter or reservation, DMO will attempt to reschedule within the same calendar year.