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Image of Dr. Catherine McCusker
Catherine McCusker, PhD - Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Developmental Biology, Molecular Mechanisms of Regeneration
Telephone: 617.287.4473
Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Graduate Students

Michael Raymond in the McCusker Laboratory

Michael Raymond, MCOB PhD Student
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
2018 - Present

How does the limb know to regenerate exactly what is missing? This process is known as pattern formation in biology, and during regeneration, it depends greatly on a cellular property known as positional information in the remaining limb stump tissue. However, the molecular mechanisms by which cells recreate the missing pattern is largely unknown. My project focuses on better understanding this question by looking at how the structure of the DNA changes in the regenerating cells, and how these changes alter the expression of patterning genes.  


Research Assistants 

Shauna Kelly in the McCusker laboratory

Shauna Kelly
Phd Student, 2022


Undergraduate Students

  • Thomas Henshaw
  • Crisvely Soto Martinez
  • Samantha Rathbun
  • Maggie Slamin
  • Reema Elrefaie
  • Megan Kenny
  • Brenden Lee


Former Lab Members 

  • Hande Sahin, Biology MS
  • Kaylee Michelle Wells, PhD: MCOB PhD Candidate,
  • Kristina Kelley: Undergraduate and then Post-Bac student in the U54 Program
  • Warren Antonio Vieira, PhD: Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ana Ali: Undergraduate Researcher
  • Ana Pope: Undergraduate Researcher
  • Jesse Schulz: Undergraduate Researcher
  • Zahra Mohaddeskhorassani: Biology MS Student
  • Giuseppe Dall'Agnese: Masters Research Intern
  • Mary Baumel: REU Summer Student, returned as a PhD student
  • Shira Goren: Undergraduate Researcher
  • Gemina Le Branche: IMSD Undergraduate and REU Summer Student
  • Roni Milgrom: Undergraduate Researcher
  • Miraj Rawal: Undergraduate Researcher
  • Jose Cruz: REU Summer Student
  • Stephanie Souza: Undergraduate Researcher
  • Larrisa DeSouza: Undergraduate Researcher
  • Kyle Labella: Undergraduate Researcher
  • Erik Garcia: PhD Student


The McCusker Lab

100 Morrissey Blvd.
BostonMA 02125 USA