Research Core Facilities

The UMass Boston core facilities bring cutting-edge instrumentation, methodologies and expertise to our research community. These facilities not only provide high quality research services by our in-house experts but also constitute a major educational resource for our growing research enterprise. Operating as fee-for-service facilities, some are available to external researchers as well.

UMass Core Facilities Voucher Program - A new state voucher program (link is external) funded by the Massachusetts legislature gives small and medium-sized businesses (<50 FTEs) access to the University’s leading-edge research facilities at reduced rates. All UMass Boston core facilities are available for use with the voucher program.


UMass Core Facilities Benefits

Find a list of core facility webpages and contacts below:

Institutional Core Facilities

Core Name Description Director/Staff/Location
CPCT Genomics Core Facility To promote advances in biology by providing researchers complete genomic solutions with the latest and most complementary technologies readily available. Genomics Sequencing provides services for traditional capillary sequencing, high-throughput next-generation sequencing, library preparation, and various data analyses.

Director: Jill Macoska
Location: Integrated Sciences Center

Vivarium Core Facility The Vivarium provides services and resources for investigators to accomplish animal research. The Vivarium: houses mice, rats, axolotl and zebrafish; purchases animals, trains researchers and students regarding proper animal care and use, and monitors the safety of all personnel with laboratory animal contact. In addition to basic husbandry services, the Vivarium staff provides technical and veterinary services and mouse breeding management. Consultant Vet: Michael Duggan
Technician: Elizabeth Boates 617-287-6389
Location: Integrated Sciences Center.
Mass Spectrometry Core Facility The Mass Spectrometry Core Facility enables UMass Boston investigators and academic and industry collaborators to carry out basic and translational proteomics research. We leverage cutting-edge technologies for research and clinical applications. We help investigators and clinicians analyze protein samples, identify protein variants contributing to disease risk, and reveal complex protein-based mechanisms involved in human disease. Director: Jason Evans
Core Research Assistant: Dennis Zeh
Fabrication Core Facility A range of fabrication services are available. Director: Filip Cuckov
Imaging Core Facility Confocal microscope core. Director: Alexey Veraksa
Flow Cytometry Core Facility Provides cell sorters, analyzers and particle counters on which we offer a combination of training and service. Director: Kate McCusker
Molecular Spectroscopy Core Facility A range of complete mass spectrometry services are available. Director: Walter Buchwald
Nanofabrication Core Facility The Nanofabrication Core supports research in microelectronics, electronic materials, nanotechnology, MEMS, biomedical and optical devices. Our staff provides professional suggestions and ideas to lab users on their projects, including planning, design, and integration for fabricating devices. Director: Matthew Bell
Center for Survey Research A full-scale academic survey research center that conducts basic and applied research contributing to knowledge and understanding of important social issues. CSR maintains a professional interviewing staff, computer assisted telephone facilities and survey sampling capacity, as well as the ability to conduct mail- and web-based surveys. Since 1971, we have provided methodological expertise to university scholars and public and private agencies. Director: Trent Buskirk

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs oversees and supports the institutional core facilities. For information, please contact

Departmental Core Facilities

Facility Name Facility Contact
Environmental Analytical Facility (EAF) Robyn Hannigan

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs does not oversee department facilities. For information, please use the facility contact.