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About the UMass Boston Police Department

History of the UMBPD

Established in 1973, the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Boston Police Department (UMBPD) is committed to providing a safe and secure environment that encourages our vibrant and broadly diverse campus community to thrive and succeed. In collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs, we honor this commitment by proudly serving the UMass Boston community with distinction and by establishing positive relationships and fostering community partnerships that promote a caring, inclusive, and healthy campus environment for our diverse community population. 

The UMass Boston Police Department is regulated by the provisions of Chapter 253 of the Acts of 2020 (“An Act Relative to Justice, Equity and Accountability in Law Enforcement in the Commonwealth”) and by the Massachusetts Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). UMass Boston Police Officers are appointed as sworn police officers and derive their authority pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws chapter 75, section 32A and chapter 90C which grants UMass Boston Police Officers the same authority, immunities and privileges as a duly appointed and qualified sworn police officer acting elsewhere in the Commonwealth.

In support of our community-based policing philosophy, the UMass Boston Police Department comprises of sworn and non-sworn personnel and operates under the auspice of five main Divisions: Uniformed Patrol, Community Engagement, Investigative Services, Communications Services, and Security Services. The UMass Boston Police Department has police officers on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our officers provide the same basic services as any other local or state police agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including but not limited to: Emergency Response, Criminal Investigations, Medical, haz-mat, and other public safety services such as personal safety escorts and motor vehicle assistance when needed. Additionally, our police officers patrol on foot, in marked and unmarked police vehicles and operate police mountain bikes. Many University Police Officers also have additional specialized training in areas ranging from investigative techniques, crime prevention, sexual assault investigation, and emergency medical technician training.

Uniformed Patrol Division

The Uniformed Patrol Division is the largest component of the Police Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The Uniformed Patrol Division consists of sworn Police Officers, ranging in rank from Officer to Chief of Police.

All University of Massachusetts Boston Police Officers derive their police authority from Chapter 75, Section 32A of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All UMBPD Police Officers attend the same MPTC full-time police academy training as all other police officers in the Commonwealth. UMBPD Police Officers have the same authority as any Municipal or State Police Officer to enforce all civil, criminal, and motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. UMBPD Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Officers patrol on foot, in marked and unmarked police vehicles, and on police mountain bikes. Many University Police Officers have additional specialized training in areas ranging from investigative techniques, crime prevention, sexual assault investigation, and emergency medical technician training.

The Uniformed Patrol Division provides the same basic services as any other local or state police agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Included within those services are emergency responses to criminal, medical, hazmat, and other public safety problems. UMBPD Police Officers assist the university community with personal safety escorts and motor vehicle assistance, such as unlocking vehicles, and providing jump-starts when needed.

In addition to foot and vehicle patrol, the Uniformed Patrol Division also includes a specialty mountain bike unit. This unit began in 1996 to address several concerns of the university community. The Police Mountain Bike Unit provides the ability for Police Officers to patrol and respond to areas of the campus that are inaccessible to vehicles but too large for traditional foot patrols quickly and efficiently. It also allows police officers to be more approachable. Bicycle patrol officers are assigned specifically to areas where there are greater concentrations of citizens on foot. This puts them closer to the public and allows them to listen to citizens’ concerns and act directly on those concerns. This also allows the officers to be more driven by the needs of the community rather than only responding to calls for service. Bicycle patrol officers enforce criminal and traffic laws, monitor road conditions for pedestrians, promote bike safety, and encourage crime prevention practices.

Bureau of Investigative Services

The Detective Bureau of the UMass Boston Police Department is charged with the responsibility of the investigations of both felony and misdemeanor crimes occurring within its jurisdiction. The Detective Bureau is responsible for the identification, apprehension, interviews, prosecution of offenders, case clearance, and the processing of stolen and recovered property. Detectives also investigate non-criminal activity, such as missing persons and juvenile-related matters.

Investigations may include Juvenile Crimes, Sex Crimes, Robbery, Homicide, Assaults, Residential and Commercial Burglaries, Thefts, Auto Thefts, Economic Crimes, Computer Crimes, Forensic Services, Narcotic Investigations, and the service of Arrest Warrants. 

The UMass Boston Police Detective Bureau also works closely with investigators from the Massachusetts State Police, federal agencies, and surrounding cities and towns in sharing resources, personnel, and pertinent information related to criminal activities. The Detective Bureau personnel are also affiliated with local task forces that have been established to address specific types of crimes, such as narcotics and other related crimes.

For questions related to the UMBPD Detective Bureau, please email Lieutenant Detective Clara Molina at

Community Engagement Unit

For information about prior events, please visit the UMB Involved Page.

The UMass Boston Police Department's Community Engagement Unit establishes, maintains, strengthens, and enhances the relationship between the Department and specific groups within our community. The Unit serves as a personal contact for the university staff, students, and visitors to the campus and maintains an open line of communication with all citizens by increasing interaction with community members. This unit is also responsible for maintaining the official social media accounts for the UMBPD.

Communications Division

The University of Massachusetts Boston Police Communications Division is staffed 24/7 and consists of nine trained and certified Association of Public-Safety Communication Officials (APCO) dispatchers. The UMBPD Communications Division is responsible for determining the emergency or non-emergency response of multiple first responders from multiple agencies, including the University of Massachusetts Boston Police Department.

The Communications Division is an important support service contained within the UMBPD. It is the division responsible for maintaining the vital link between the public and the Police Officers, ISOs, and CSOs in the field. UMBPD Police Communication Specialists, also known as Dispatchers, handle many types of calls and situations daily, from requests for information to emergencies or critical incidents. The Dispatcher provides a necessary, indispensable function for the public and the Police Officer alike.

Police Dispatcher responsibilities include, but are not limited to, receiving emergency and non-emergency calls for Police, Fire, or emergency medical assistance, as well as addressing concerns from community members who visit the Police Station for assistance. Police Dispatchers are also required to monitor State and local Police Departments’ radio traffic to ensure that the area surrounding the campus is safe.

Police Dispatchers monitor numerous campus alarms, access control systems, as well as hundreds of security cameras.  The Police Dispatcher role is vital in day-to-day operations at the University of Massachusetts Boston Police Department.

For questions related to the Communications Division, please contact Dispatch Supervisor Jessenia Cruz at

CSO & ISO Program

Community Service Officers & Security Staff

Although Community Service Officers (CSOs) & Institutional Security Officers (ISOs) fall under the direction of the Police Department, CSOs & ISOs ARE NOT Police Officers. ISOs DO NOT carry firearms or handcuffs and DO NOT have any police authority to make arrests, conduct criminal investigations, or enforce motor vehicle laws. 

To provide clarity to the community, the ISOs & CSOs are mandated to wear a different uniform than Police Officers at the University. ISOs wear light-blue uniform shirts and a different style badge that clearly states “Security Officer”.

ISOs & CSOs perform basic security services for the University.  Such services are unlocking and locking office doors, fire watch patrols, regular building security patrols, and remaining alert for public safety and security concerns. They are in constant radio contact with the UMass Boston Police Communications Center.

Student Police Cadet Program

The Student Police Cadet Program is a division of the UMBPD. All members of the Student Police Cadet Program are expected to work under the directions of supervisor(s) and are expected to follow directions from all Police Officer personnel or superior rank. The Student Police Cadet Program is designed to add additional supervision of the campus and their presence is designed to help deter crime. The purpose of the Student Police Cadet Program is to ensure the safety of the campus, to serve the community by assuring their personal welfare, to reduce crime, and to assist the University’s police officers and officials while on patrol. The Student Police Cadet Program is devoted to the educational process and total student development of its personnel. The Police Department makes every effort to continually enhance the learning environment for the members of the Student Police Cadet Program. 

For questions related to the Student Police Cadet Program, please contact Lieutenant Kristopher Kamborian at

About the Chief, Mission, & Opportunities

About the Chief

Chief Lloyd served the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) for more than 20 years, most recently as a captain with bureau chief responsibilities, also advising the superintendent and deputy superintendent in matters of Equal Opportunity Employment. Previously, she supervised special projects, completed updates to standard operating procedures, established partnerships with institutions of higher education to facilitate continuing education of NJSP members, and served multiple NJSP branches including the fiscal control bureau, the selection process unit, the facility and asset control bureau, the recruiting unit, and general road duty.   

In addition to her law enforcement service, Chief Lloyd is a passionate student and teacher. She has earned a doctor of philosophy in leadership, a master of science in public administration, and a bachelor of arts in criminal justice and has taught classesat Howard University, Monmouth University, and Caldwell University on systemic racism, classism, gender discrimination, women in the criminal justice system, and victimology.   

Chief Lloyd was born in Newark, New Jersey. She served in the National Guard and has lived in many other parts of the U.S. Her deep commitment to promoting health and wellness, community engagement, personal growth, and campus security for students, university faculty and staff, and police officers by developing relationships with all campus stakeholders makes her an ideal fit for our campus.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The University of Massachusetts Boston Police Department is committed to providing a safe campus community and improving the quality of life for all people. We accomplish this by delivering quality police services and enforcing laws with equity and impartiality. In partnership with the campus community and our law enforcement partners, we reduce crime through public education, prevention, and awareness. In meeting this objective, we demand of ourselves the highest professional standards and dedication to our core values.

Vision Statement

Our vision is “to support the administrative and financial performance of the university and provide a safe and healthy physical plant for students, faculty, staff, and the public.” The department’s efforts to prevent criminal and safety mishaps include preventive education and enforcement measures that promote awareness and individual responsibility.

Core Values

Integrity: We strive to uphold the university’s trust by being honest, competent, and consistent in our beliefs and actions. We will hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct.

Innovation: This is not accomplished with just technology; it includes the introduction of new ideas, practices, and services.

Respect: We will consistently treat all people of our community with dignity and compassion and without prejudice. While embracing our diverse community, we will protect their constitutional and civil rights through impartial enforcement of the law.

Community Policing: UMBPD Police Officers forge partnerships with people who live and work in the community. These partnerships can help develop trust and transparency, leading to more efficient and effective policing and better community-police relationships.

Employment Information

The UMass Boston Police Department's recent hiring process has concluded. Please check often for new open positions.

Those looking for a long-term career should consider the University of Massachusetts Boston Police Department. We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and opportunities for professional development. Applicants do not need any previous law enforcement experience or Criminal Justice education to be considered for employment.  All that is required is a High School Diploma or GED.

At the UMBPD, the most important quality a candidate can possess is good moral character. Candidates are selected on their ability to serve the community and represent the University of Massachusetts in a professional, courteous, and honorable manner. The philosophy of the University of Massachusetts Boston Police Department is one of Community Policing.  This demands more than reacting to crime after it has occurred as the department focuses on the violation and the community. Officers work closely with members of the University community to solve problems to prevent crime. These are life-changing relationships for officers as well as the community. 

If you want to make a difference in someone’s life, including your own, consider the University of Massachusetts Boston Police Department as your career choice. 

Contact UMass Boston Police

Emergency: DIAL 911
Police General Information &  Dispatch: (617) 287-7777
PoliceTip Line: (617) 287-5555

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