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The MODIS BRDF/Albedo product MCD43 was updated to a 500m spatial resolution (MCD43A*) and was retrieved once every 8 days in V005 -- please find the specification for MCD43A* (500m sinusoidal BRDF, QA, Albedo (WSA,BSA) and NBAR) at . MCD43A* represents the primary retrieval for this product and is recommended for all users. MCD43B* now only represents the average of the underlying MCD43A (with the majority QA) and thus is considered a poorer quality product. MCD43B will be discontinued in V006. MCD43D* is the 30arc-second CMG version of the BRDF parameters and again only uses the majority QA – note that MCD43D will represent a higher quality full retrieval on it’s own in V006 (and BRDF, NBAR, and albedos will all be provided). MCD43C* remains the 0.05degree CMG with MCD43C1 providing BRDF parameters, MCD43C2 providing snow free parameters, MCD43C3 Albedos, and MCD43C4 NBAR. The specifications for all of these V005 products can be found at

Download the Version 5 User Guide as a pdf: 



MODIS User Guide V004

The MODIS Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) and Albedo Product (MOD43B) is an MODIS Standard Data Product that began routine production in 2000 shortly after the launch of Terra. Global Albedo (MOD43B3), BRDF Model Parameters (MOD43B1), and Nadir-BRDF Adjusted Reflectance (NBAR) Products (MOD43B4) are operationally produced every 16 days at a 1km spatial resolution and archived as equal area tiles of 1200 by 1200 pixels in a sinusoidal projection (HDF-EOS format) at the EROS Data Center (EDC) DAAC.

Download the Version 4 User Guide as a pdf: MOD43B_User_guide_v4

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