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VNP43IA2 and VNP43MA2 BRDF/Albedo Quality Product

VIIRS User Guide Collection 1

This Guide is a living document that describes the VIIRS BRDF and Albedo Products. The purpose of the document is to give the potential user an understanding of the VNP43 products and the current state of the data in those products.

Note: Users are urged to use the band specific quality flags to isolate the highest quality full inversion results for their own science applications. 

The VNP43IA2 and VNP43MA2 BRDF/Albedo Quality Products provide extensive band independent quality information. VNP43IA2 provides information at three VIIRS Imagery bands (I1, I2, and I3) at 500m scale, and VNP43MA2 provides information at nine Moderate bands (M1- M5, M7-M8, M10-M11) as well as for three broad bands (0.3-0.7µm, 0.7-5.0µm, and 0.3-5.0µm).

File Specifications

The File Specifications for VNP43IA2 and VNP43MA2 are at