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Get ahead. Learn to market for today’s audience

The Contemporary Marketing graduate certificate program at UMass Boston is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in today's competitive marketing landscape. Marketing is being redefined every day in a world of rapid innovation, fast-paced media, big data, and global competition, and the demand for outstanding marketing professionals has never been stronger. Through a combination of coursework and practical experience, you will hone your skills in areas such as market research, advertising, digital marketing, and branding.

*Course credit from a certificate will count toward a graduate degree should you choose to continue.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn the key concepts and principles of modern marketing, including market research, branding, advertising, and digital marketing
  • Analyze consumer behavior and market trends, and use this knowledge to develop effective marketing strategies
  • Gain hands-on experience with a variety of marketing tools and technologies, including social media platforms, search engine optimization, and customer relationship management software

Career Possibilities

Coordinate marketing initiatives and drive value for your organization as a marketing coordinator. Direct the development of enticing digital and print content as a creative director. Or, engage your audience with fun and interesting social campaigns as a social media manager. These are just a few of the possibilities.

Become a(n):

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Content Creator
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Product Marketer

Plan Your Education

How to Apply

Applications to start in the fall are due by July 1; applications to start in the spring are due by November 15. For more details, please feel free to contact us directly by emailing

Deadlines & Cost

Deadlines: July 1 for fall, November 15 for spring
Letters of Recommendation: 1


Required Courses (12 Credits):

  • MBAMKT 671 - Marketing Research 3 Credit(s)
  • MBAMKT 673 - Marketing Communications 3 Credit(s)
  • MBAMKT 674 - International Marketing 3 Credit(s)
  • MBAMKT 691 - Social Media Marketing 3 Credit(s)

Elective (3 Credits):
Complete one from below.

  • MBAMKT 675 - Business to Business Marketing 3 Credit(s)
  • MBAMKT 685 - Brain of the Consumer 3 Credit(s)
  • MBAMKT 692 - New Product Development 3 Credit(s)

Graduation Criteria

Complete 15 credits from five courses including four required courses and one elective.

Additional course: Students without a business degree or have less than three years of experience in marketing must also complete MBAMKT 670 - Marketing Management.

Statute of limitations: Three years


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