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Prepare for a professional career in music or teaching

As a student in the Music bachelor’s program, you will gain a comprehensive preparation for careers in music and teaching. Whether you are a passionate performer, aspiring composer, or devoted music scholar, UMass Boston’s hands-on program offers a vibrant and supportive environment where you can cultivate your musical talents and explore a range of musical traditions and styles.

Graduates from the Music BA will:

  • Possess a highly developed musical intelligence that is applicable to a broad spectrum of career trajectories.
  • Have proficiency on one’s major instrument, on keyboard, with score reading/analysis, and in ear training/sight singing, and possess a strong foundation in both Western and non-Western musical traditions in regards to history, theory, style, application, and performance.
  • Be able to contextualize the intersection of and interrelationship between music and other expressive arts such as theater and dance.
  • Have acquired significant performance experience within a variety of ensemble settings and with standard and non-standard repertoire.
  • Understand music in its historical, global, and creative context with significant exposure to the fields of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and composition, respectfully.

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Financing Your Education

Become a Beacon and pursue your passion in UMass Boston’s diverse, supportive environment. Many students across our 200+ undergraduate and graduate programs receive financial aid—providing access to an education that’s exceptional and affordable.  

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Course Requirements

Theory Courses (12 Credits)
MUSIC 121 - Theory I 3 Credit(s)
MUSIC 122 - Theory II 3 Credit(s)
MUSIC 221 - Theory III 3 Credit(s)
MUSIC 222 - Theory IV 3 Credit(s)
Ear Training & Sight Singing Courses (8 Credits)
MUSIC 123 - Ear Training and Sight Singing I 2 Credit(s)
MUSIC 124 - Ear Training and Sight Singing II 2 Credit(s)
MUSIC 223 - Ear Training and Sight Singing III 2 Credit(s)
MUSIC 224 - Ear Training and Sight Singing IV 2 Credit(s)
Keyboard Skills Courses (4 Credits)
MUSIC 131 - Elements: Keyboard I 2 Credit(s)
MUSIC 132 - Elements: Keyboard II 2 Credit(s)
Music History Courses (9 Credits)
MUSIC 302 - Medieval to Baroque 3 Credit(s)
MUSIC 303 - Classical to Modern 3 Credit(s)
MUSIC 315 - Seminar in World Music 3 Credit(s)
Ensemble Performance Courses (6 Credits)
Take six semesters from the courses below.

MUSIC 101 - University Chorus 1 Credit(s)
MUSIC 102 - Chamber Singers 1 Credit(s)
MUSIC 104 - Jazz Band 1 Credit(s)
MUSIC 106 - Chamber Orchestra 1 Credit(s)
MUSIC 109 - Music Collaboratory 1 Credit(s)
Solo Performance Courses (8 Credits)
Take eight semesters of applied music lessons in a primary instrument or voice.

MUSIC 185 - Applied Music 1 Credit(s)

Graduation Criteria

Program Declaration

At time of admission to the University or by completion of an Undergraduate Program Add/Change form.

Degree Requirements

If this is the student’s only or primary major, the degree requirements below must be completed for graduation. See graduation requirements for more information.

University Requirements   

Complete a minimum of 120 credits from:

  • General education requirements set by the college of your primary major. These include courses in critical analysis; verbal and quantitative reasoning; human diversity; and principle approaches to knowledge in mathematics, technology, natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, arts, humanities, world languages, and world cultures.
  • Requirements for at least one declared major.
  • Elective courses needed to meet 120 credits and/or requirements from optional additional programs of study.

Residency: At least 30 credits for the degree must be completed at UMass Boston.
GPA: A minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher from all UMass Boston courses.
Pass/fail: No more than eight courses taken pass/fail may be applied toward the degree. Only one course may be taken pass/fail each semester.

Major Requirements

Complete 47 credits from 27 courses including four theory courses, four ear training & sight singing courses, two keyboard skills courses, three music history courses, six ensemble performance courses, and eight solo performance courses.

In order to graduate, music majors must demonstrate proficiency at level four in their primary instrument.

Grade: No courses with a grade below C- may be applied toward the major.
GPA: A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for all major courses.
Pass/fail: No courses taken pass/fail may be applied toward the major.
Residency: At least 15 credits for the major must be completed at UMass Boston.


Performing Arts Department Location: University Hall, Room 2247, Second Floor

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