UMass Boston

Faculty Resources and Planning a Course Abroad

Getting Started:

Faculty submits a Faculty-Led Program Proposal typically more than 12 months in advance of the program start date in order to have all details finalized leaving ample room for student recruitment. Your initial application will require a proposal narrative and estimated budget sheet that has been signed and approved by the Chair of your department and Dean. A complete application will include a detailed program narrative, approved course syllabus, and confirmed budget sheet. An approved proposal is reviewed by the Office of Global Programs for final recommendations, and will require approval by UMass Boston Risk Management, and Export Control. Contracts with the providers or other organizations who provide services for faculty-led programs must be reviewed by UMass Office of General Counsil (OGC) and approved by UMass Office of the President Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST).

For any questions, please email

The Process: 

  1. Meet with our office to determine what your goals and vision is for the program. Work with our office to identify potential providers who can provide logistical support and prepare cost quotes for the program.
  2. Once a provider is identified, submit the program proposal with preliminary budget from the provider along with the proposal narrative on the online applications for (new) Proposal or Repeat Program Proposal.
  3. The above proposal submission must include:
    • Proposal Narrative
    • Assisting Leader and/or third-party support identified with attached proposal
  4. Deadlines for new proposals is approximately 13.5 months prior to program start date: 
    • November 15 for winter or spring programs 1-year prior to program dates
    • April 15 for summer and fall programs 1-year prior to program dates
  5. Repeat study abroad programs can be accepted approximately 6 months prior to student application deadline:
    • May 1 of preceding year for winter and spring programs
    • October 1 of preceding year for summer or fall programs
  6. Once the initial proposal is accepted, for new proposals a syllabus/itinerary is created and sent for course approval through your department/college as well as General Education if intended to have Gen Ed distribution. We highly recommend having your course approved as a General Education requirement.
  7. Faculty-leaders acknowledge responsibility for logistical coordination, financial arrangements, student advising and support, recruitment as well as course development and instruction. UMass Boston Office of Global Programs (OGP) supports identifying and/or employing a professional study abroad provider organization to coordinate these functions, provide a back-up support network and enable the faculty leader to focus on robust content delivery. 
  8. Final study abroad proposal will require a signature by the Provost. 

Timeline for New Programs

14-13 months to program start
  • submission of new program proposal, including the proposal narrative and budget sheet proposal to the Office of Global Programs
  • Review of proposal by the Office of Global Programs and the ITRASE Committee
  • Provider/vendors identified by faculty with quotes and selection of provider in collaboration with OGP
  • Review by Risk Management, Export Control, and sent to Provost for final approval
12 months to program start
  • Syllabus gets sent for approval through department, college. Gen Ed courses sent for approval
  • Agreement and/or vendor creation between UMB and provider/partner university submitted to Ksenija Borojevic for review and approval by UPST
10 months to program start
  • Course(s) approved and added to course listings 
  • Detailed itinerary created
  • Marketing materials printed, website brochure page put up, applications open for students, faculty and OGP recruitment
9 months to program start
  • Faculty-Leader training for new program leaders organized by OGP
  • Agreement signed and formalized- vendor creation 
3-6 months to program start
  • Faculty sends OGP interested students, OGP starts applications for students
  • Completed applications sent to faculty for review on rolling basis
  • Application deadline for students with $500 non-refundable (unless program is cancelled) deposit and are registered into the course in WISER by faculty-leader
2-3 months to program start
  • Final roster created of approved students
  • Students sign the agreement with third part (with schedule of payments and refunds)
  • Final payment deadline for program to third part typically 60-90 days out
  • Payment made to vendor for logistics/group flights (if applicable)
1 month to program start
  • Pre-departure orientation and program specific orientation