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Digital Badging

Digital Badges are a way to show your accomplishments or skills. Think of it like merit badges for boy scouts or girl scouts, or an achievement in a video game, as an award for meeting a goal in a certain area. You can collect these credentials from many different organizations to vouch for your skills, and share your successes to potential employers by including in your LinkedIn profile or resume, or just brag on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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Receiving and Sharing a Badge

If you are awarded a badge, you will be notified by email from the badge issuer. UMass Boston IT Services uses the service, when you are issued a badge from us, look out for an email from the address: "Badgr <>" and the subject line: "Congratulations, you earned a badge!".

Once you get one, read Badgr's instructions on sharing badges to LinkedIn, Social Media, and other locations.

Want to Issue Your Own Badges?

Are you a person or group that can endorse your client or student's skills or accomplishments in an area of your expertise? Badging is a great way to show the abilities, learnings, and achievements of the people that you serve, in a way that encourages them to value what they've done and motivates them to do more. The IT department is just starting our own journey into the world of badging, if you are interested in joining us, please get in touch and let's discuss!

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