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Pathway Program - Student FAQs

Congratulations! You've been referred to the Pathway Program. The Pathway Program is designed for students who have not yet met the University's direct admissions standards, but who we believe are more than capable of successfully earning a degree. The Pathways Program is designed to support you in your first semester here at UMass Boston, and to help smooth your transition from high school to our university.

We hope you find the below FAQ helpful. Please be sure to contact the Office of Admissions with any questions you may have.

What are the benefits of completing the Pathway Program?

The benefits of completing the program include:

  • Small classes taught by esteemed UMass Boston professors.
  • All of the courses in the Pathway program meet our general education requirements and include College English, History, Sociology and Political Science, and Environmental Science
  • Automatic reactivation of your UMass Boston application (fee will be waived).
  • Guaranteed scholarship for students who meet 3.3 cumulative GPA after their first semester.
    • Scholarship renewable for up to 8 semesters for students who maintain a 3.0 GPA and full-time enrollment.
  • Peer and faculty mentorship throughout program.

Is on-campus housing available for Pathway students?

Yes, students in the non-degree Pathway Program are eligible for on-campus housing. Students who wish to apply for on-campus housing will be able to do so by submitting a $300 housing reservation fee (along with a $250 enrollment deposit).

Can I use financial aid for the program?

As a non-degree student, financial aid is not available for the fall semester. However, students who submit a Free Applicant for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will receive a financial aid award letter for the spring semester – allowing you to plan for the academic year.

Will I be considered for a merit scholarship?

As a non-degree student, you will not be considered for a merit scholarship for the fall semester. However, upon successful completion of the fall 13-credit program and with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3, you will be guaranteed a merit scholarship in the amount of $2,000 per year ($1,000 per semester) within the spring semester. This award is renewable each year up to four years with a minimum sustained GPA of 3.0.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the fall program is estimated to be $3,600 (tuition and fees), nearly half of the amount of our in-state tuition. The cost of the program will be approved in the summer prior to the fall semester by the Board of Trustees. This is the estimated cost for tuition and fees and does not include housing, textbooks, or transportation costs. See more information on housing rates.

I did not get admitted into the major I want. How do I change my major?

As Pathway student, you will begin your educational journey at UMass Boston as a non-degree student (meaning you will not be a declared major in any college). While you will be a UMass Boston Beacon, you will not be officially accepted into a degree program until you complete the 13-credit program and reactivate your application for the spring semester. You will be able to specify your major within your reactivation application.

What do I have to do to be admitted to the major I want?

Pathway students must earn a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to matriculate into the spring semester. Students interested in majoring in Engineering or Management will need to achieve a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA for consideration. Students will not be considered for nursing for the spring semester. Students interested in nursing are encouraged to work with their academic advisor to continue their path forward to apply for our Nursing program for the following academic year.

How do I join the Pathway program?

Log into your Beacon Gateway and click on the Admissions Status tab. After reviewing your Pathway Decision Letter you should confirm your attendance in the program by filling out your Confirmation Form and then submitting your $250 Enrollment Deposit.

I have a learning disability or struggled in high school, is assistance available for me as a non-degree student?

Yes, the program offers built-in resources including an academic advisor as well as a peer mentor. Qualified students are also eligible to receive academic accommodations or adjustments through our Ross Center. Academic support services are also available within most subject areas.