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University Resources

UMass Boston offers a number of resources to support student academic and personal success including identity source websites.

Academic Paths

Latino Studies Minor
Latino Studies provides a place in the university where learning and social justice are grounded in the histories and everyday lives of Latinx communities. The program at UMass Boston began in 1998 in response to the growing Latinx presence at UMass Boston and the desire to provide undergraduates with an academic home where they could build a complex and nuanced understanding of Latinx communities in the United States, particularly New England. As an ethnic studies program, Latino Studies centers on Latinx lives, communities, and histories.  Location: Wheatley Hall, 4th Floor, Room 144/25 |

Latin American and Iberian Studies Department
Latin American and Iberian studies explore the languages, literature, and histories of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal. Latin American and Iberian studies students think critically about the intersections of language and power from different perspectives and acquire important communication and intercultural skills essential in our contemporary world. Latin American and Iberian studies graduates are prepared for careers in international affairs, government, education, and many other fields. They contribute to our society as teachers, translators, interpreters, community leaders, among others. Email:

Latino Leadership Opportunity Program (LLOP). The LLOP program enhances analytical, and leadership skills, teaches how public policy is created, and gives proficiency in public speaking. Students receive course credit for their successful completion of the program. Location: The Gastón Institute, Healey Library, 10th Floor │Email:

The Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy

The Gastón Institute informs policymakers about vital issues to the state’s growing Latino community and provides the necessary information and analysis for effective public policy development participation. Location: Healey Library, 10th Floor | Phone: 617.287.5790 | Email:

Language Centers

Spanish Resource Center - The Spanish Resource Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston has been created to enhance the teaching and study of the Spanish language and cultures throughout the commonwealth. The center supports teachers, professionals, university students, and those interested in knowing and promoting the Spanish language and cultures. Location: Healey Library, 6th Floor, Room 003 │Phone: 617-287-5949

The Center for Portuguese Language - Instituto Camões - The Center for Portuguese Language-Institute Camões at UMass Boston was established in 2009 as a joint venture between the university and the Instituto Camões, Portugal’s preeminent cultural institution. It works in partnership with the Latin American and Iberian Studies Department, the home of UMass Boston’s Portuguese Language Program and the curriculum devoted to exploring the histories and cultures of Portugal and Brazil. Location: Healey Library, 6th Floor │Phone: 617-287-3815 │Email (director):

Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies Center - The Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies Center (RWSSC) offers tutorial support in the critical reading, writing, and thinking skills needed to succeed in undergraduate college courses at all levels.  RWSSC tutors are graduate students and faculty trained in critical analysis, research writing, and study strategies. Email:

Student Multicultural Centers

Casa Latinx - Casa Latinx is a  non-profit student organization at UMass Boston dedicated to providing cultural, social, and academic support to students and community members. Location: Campus Center, 3rd Floor, Office 3004.01 │Phone: (617) 287-7978  Email:

Immigrant Student Programs (ISP) - The ISP consists of a mentorship program supporting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, and undocumented students. This program was created to help these students access scholarships, mental health resources, and a mentorship program. The ISP offers support for students who are immigrants or who are undocumented.

Queer Student Center - The Queer Student Center (QSC) facilitates the educational and social development of gender and sexual minority populations at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Location: Campus Center, 3rd Floor│Email:

Women’s Center - The Women's Center is a student-run non-profit that works to create safe spaces for women in the UMass Boston community, dialogue and awareness surrounding women’s issues, and empowerment and leadership opportunities for student members. Location: Campus Center, 3rd Floor, Room 3100 │Phone: (617) 287-7986 │Email:

Black Students Center - The Black Students Center (BSC) provides a central space for students of African descent and other ethnic groups to develop academically and socially by promoting a positive self-image through facilitating access to their history and culture. Location: Campus Center, 3rd Floor │Phone: (617) 287-7982 │Email:

Asian Student Center - The Asian Student Center is a non-profit organization at UMass Boston that works collaboratively with on- and off-campus programs, centers, and various student-run clubs to provide a diverse, culturally reflective, and safe space for all. Location: Campus Center, 3rd Floor │Phone: (617)-287-7984 │Email:

Student Veterans Center - The Student Veterans Center is a student-run center established to help support the growing student veteran population at UMass Boston. Location: Campus Center, 3rd Floor │Phone: 617-2877985│Email:

Campus Connections

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) - ODEI actively supports and advances the university’s values of diversity and inclusion, engagement, transformation, and cultural development. ODEI acts as an advocate, resource broker, educator, and dialogue facilitator to ensure that all campus community members are included, respected, and valued in all spaces.

  • DACA/Undocumented Resources

    Counseling Center - The Center is committed to ensuring that all students have access to mental health and wellness care, regardless of their background or how they identify. (Free service for all enrolled students).

    Success Boston - Success Boston is Boston’s citywide college completion initiative. Together, the Boston Foundation, the Boston Public Schools (BPS), the City of Boston, 37 area institutions of higher education led by UMass Boston and Bunker Hill Community College, and local nonprofit partners are working to double the college completion rate for students from the BPS.

    UMB-UR-BEST (University Resources for Behavioral and Educational Skills Training) - UMB-UR-BEST provides coaching and workshops, emphasizing culturally responsive services sensitive to contextual factors and promoting health and well-being.

Immigrant Student Success

UMass Boston is committed to being an exemplary immigrant-serving institution. Immigrants are essential for keeping Boston at the forefront of education, the sciences, the arts, the humanities, and public policy. As the demographic future of the Commonwealth continues to be driven by our immigrant-origin families, there cannot be a successful future for the city of Boston without a successful future for our immigrant students. Click here to learn more. Read more about Immigrant Student Success  »